Ed Rothkowitz & Eddie Lebron

As March turned into April last Spring two major contributors to my life passed on.  I offer these poems to their memory.

Remembering Ed Rothkowitz

Eddie came

Eddie did

Eddie’s gone.

Eddie was always Eddie

with those he loved.

With others

he was whatever

he thought

would work.

In either case

He was Eddie–

You’d know him


Remembering Eddie Lebron

A journeyman someone called him

Doing what must be done

to continue along his path.

Unafraid to cry

Utterly himself

Not unlike a saint.

Once I asked him

and he told me:

“Richie, I don’t know.

I do what I do.”

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  1. I too knew eddie a rock in the storm, a candle in the wind. A force to be reckoned with and as unique as a snow flake in a summer shower. Yet he lives on in every breath I take.


  2. I’ve finally read (most of) the blog. I guess I was ready.
    Now I know even more about the way you think. How surprising… I wouldn’t have thought it possible (if I did think about it at all). I am now truly and utterly ruined as a person. Thanks for that bub!

    Silliness aside for a brief moment, I found myself laughing out loud at least twice, welling up with tears once, and telling my computer screen (also out loud, much to my chagrin) that, “I also call you Goldberg you dummy”!

    (5/16/07- The day after talking to you about concussions and my dad.)


  3. Thank you for this beautiful poetic memory of Ed Rothkowitz. He was a major contributor to my life as well. Yes, Eddie was always Eddie. I will miss him deeply.


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