Drinking, Drugging & Drawing

in-front-of-55.jpg Back in the very early 1980’s, although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was approaching the end of 25 years of a lot of intoxication. i-am-not-a-junkie.jpg

(By the way you can click on each drawing to enlarge it. Sometimes it takes a lot of scrolling to see the whole image.)

More and more of my feelings were finding their way into consciousness, sometimes disguised, philosopher-queen.jpg sometimes not. bar-rage.jpg

Bar life let-me-guess.jpg hadn’t changed but I had.  The clown in front of the tequila, weed in the wallet, mouth filled with clever bar talk, had morphed into a character where he was once a participant.  Even more disturbing, an ever-growing part of me had found a way to stand away from the bar, observe and even make remarks about my nightly performances in this land of I’d-rather-be-elsewhere-believe-me. Sometimes it was cute.  owen.jpg Sometimes it was worse.  not-responsible.jpg

But time is cool, especially when you can be patient and curious.  By the mid-’80’s it was all different again.

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