Do It Yourself Brain Surgery

Happy New Year!

 Here’s a special gift for the New Year, instructions in do it yourself brain surgery by Alix Lorance.  Alix lives in Seattle with her husband, Dan.  She and I communicate by brief emails about three times a year.  We never phone–except for once when I thought she was dead and called to find out that I was wrong–and we’ve seen each other in person perhaps 3 times in the last 2.5 decades.  Still I feel her to be a close friend.  We first met back in the earliest 1970’s.   One of the great good deeds in my life was to accompany her to the Brooklyn Museum where she signed up for her first art class.  I was also present when she discovered that should she position herself at right angles to the page she was drawing on, things came out squished.  I still have vague memories of her sketch of then-baby Drew looking like he was a close-up on a sports bar tv set.

You would have needed either Realplayer or Quicktime and sound to view and hear this instructional film the way it was made to be viewed.  The sound is an old Brubeck tune, one I recognize but cannot name.  It’s lively and off the Take Five album.  Sadly WordPress will not let me post it for fear that it will dork up their system.  So find your own music and play it along with the slides.  To truly appreciate it you’ll also need a sense of humor as profound as hers.

Here’s how to view it:

1. Put on the Brubeck album.

2.Go to

 3. Click on “slideshow” and set the timer to 15 seconds by hitting the + symbol.

4. (Of course) Enjoy!

 Again, happy new year!


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