Q:What’s a blogroll?

A. 210 on a good night.

B. drunken writers staggering out of bars.

C. a sandwich bread favored by internet posters.

D.  a meaningless name for a list of some interesting links.

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Yep, the answer is D, and so the time has come to tell you a bit about those links currently on my very own blogroll. 

The first is Freecycle, a Yahoo group which posts things people want for free or are ready to give away for free.  No money involved.  It’s a great aid for house cleaning or packratting.  Your choice.

Next is Hopstep, a way to find your way around NYC and a few other cities by public transportation.  So far they’ve not let me down or gotten me lost.  

The Human Kindness Foundation focuses on bringing meditation, spirituality and hope to those incarcerated in the USA.  I first learned about it from a client at Samaritan Village who loaned me a copy of “We’re All Doing Time,” a collection of writings and drawings compiled by Bo Lozoff, the heart of this organization, and created by an assortment of prisoners across the country.  

Next up is a source for getting song lyrics.  You may already have a favorite of your own.  You may be content to just go “do wop dee bah.”  Whatever…

Maira kalman is a wonderful illustrator, humorist and thought-provoker.  See her work here.

A Meaningful Life is the website of rabbi Simon Jacobson who unites Chassidic Judiasm with the mysticism more commonly found in Kabbalah.  I’ve been attending his wednesday night lectures at the Carlbach schul in Manhattan for a while and find that what he teaches meshes with zen, taoism, the words of Jesus and the deeper truths of probably everything else.

Speaking of deep truths, Post Secret is a scary site, a collection of postcards submitted by the public in which secrets are shared anonymously.  Again it’s a chance for you to contribute or just exercise your power of voyeurism.

Snopes is the voice of internet truth, a place to validate or invalidate the latest fear-based e-chain (“toothpastes imported from South Africa contain dormant insect larvae just waiting to suck out your brain through your gums…”) some good hearted soul has plagued you with.  There are also an assortment of classic urban myths and satires on same (check out the boy born with no body.)

Finally, for now, The Wooster Collective shows a fine sample of urban grafitti.  Take a look. 

If you have any favorites for me, enter them in the comments section.


Happy New Year!

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