All in the same city…

highbridge-deli.jpg                   pict0094.jpg           

Highbridge, the Bronx             Ralph’s, Staten Island  


Under Brooklyn              

It’s right about here that I began getting crazy.  It seems that I cannot master the process of uploading photos to this page, despite the (blind) luck I’ve had with it before and even the 3 that made it above.  Now, it’s not my place to burden you with a rant against the folks at WordPress who designed this page any more than it is to give you the half-baked poem that I began and abandoned in favor of the photographs or the other rant about not getting comments on my blog entries which I thought to replace with the poem which was ultimately replaced with 3 of the 7 photos I’d hoped to post before knocking off for the night to watch the Simpsons and have a second go-round at last night’s delectable dinner (chicken and yellow peppers stir-fry, multi-colored pasta, guacamole, a spicy red pepper spread and “Oriental” salad with a nifty orange dressing.) {Breathe deeply…deeply}

 100_1588.jpg  OK, so deep breathing works.  I have no other explanation of why this snap, taken on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue not far from the Whitney Museum, would grace us with it’s presence at this time when the (S&^$&*( photograph resisted emblogging for about 45 minutes.  Maybe it’s time to breathe again (Let’s see what happens…)

 100_1368.jpg   And here it is, a little number from noneotherthan Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  Have I discovered something big here?

(Later, much later:) What I’ve discovered that the machine has a mind of it’s own and a conscience that owes nothing to me. I’ve also been informed that it’s time for dinner.  Remember you can enlarge the snaps by clicking on them.

 Love to all…

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