Morocco 2007

100_32812.jpg  (Imagine a picture of me, face swathed in a sand-protective Berber scarf, only eyes visible and expressionless.)

Al hamdou lilla, or “Thanks, God!” as my Aunt Kitty would say. For two weeks in December 2007 I was blessed to be surrounded by wonderful travel companions in a most wonderful place, Morocco. Led by a truly fine guide, we tasted the major cities, losing ourselves in the timeless medinas of Fez, Meknes, Tineghir, and Rabat and ultimately in the haunting spirituality of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains.

Words don’t really work for me when it comes to relating this trip. Later on, after there’s been more digestion time, I’ll probably fill up some space talking about what I think I’ve learned–particularly from the medinas and the desert. Not now, though. Now is the time for visuals. Click this link

to get to a web album of my photos. Now there are about 400 photos, so, using the slide show set at 4 seconds per snap, it’ll take about 27 minutes to see the whole thing. If you want to get through it even faster, you can set the slide duration for less. Hey, you can even shut the whole thing down before reaching the end.

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