You tell me!


Anybody you know?

This from a photograph of a painting in a New Zealand museum, sent to me by someone who knows me well.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Write in a few words or more just who this might be and how he might be connected to someone else (heh, heh…ain’t I cute!) you know. Post your theory by clicking “Comments” down below (heh, heh…”down below”–I’m being cute again. Sometimes I can’t stand myself.)

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  1. The word now is that it’s actually in the Getty Museum in L.A. There’s nothing on their website to facilitate this search. Does anyone know anyone with sufficient curiosity and time and patience to stop by the Getty and get the info?


  2. Portrait oif the Duc de Orosierra (1452-1503)

    The most confused of the great conquistadors, Riccardo, Duc de Orosierra, was sent in 1490 with an expedition to conquer New Zeland. (Owing to the many missing pages in his reports, it is possible that he may have gone to California, but this is uncertain.) Ricardo arrived in New Zeland in 1491 and proceded to convert thr Mori tribes to his own religion, Judism. Unfortunatly in 1493, he recieved word from Madrid that Judism was now forbidden, and so he reconverted the Mori to Catholism. However, although some of his best friends were Catholic, he had never studied their theology in any great detail. The travesty of a religion which he managed to piece together can only be described as ill–conceived. Recognizing his failure, he seized upon a wandering Buddist missionary, who attempted to convert the Mori to Buddism. The Mori, tired of be converted and reconconverted, relapsed into their native creed, and sacrificed the Duc and all his party to the indigenous dieties. For his efforts, which may not have been completely understood by the Inquisition, the Duc was declared a Martyr and Saint. He feast day is technically Decemaber 25th, which the Vatican intends to correct someday. He is the patron of the directionaly challenged.


  3. Yeah, of course, it definitely resembles you. However, to me, it looks like you if you had no teeth in your mouth because the lips look kinda sunken in. Since you do have your teeth, the resemblance is…sketchy.

    Yeah, you are being cute. That is your nature. Cutitude.


  4. Thanks to Stella Paul we have the beginnings of an answer. The painting, by Rembrandt, is of a man he and others used as a model. his costume is that of the Dutch Army during it’s fight for independence from Spain. Here’s the link to the information on the Getty website:


  5. OK you’ve stated the obvious in the question of who it looks like. Somewhere, sometime, some painter painted a portrait of someone who looks like you. It’s just a fragment thrown out by probability theory. The painter could have been a monkey or more likely the painting is of a monkey–there is a resemblance there.


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