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Dell Chat Session Log
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Dell Inc.
Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:48 PM
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This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.
Your session ID for this incident is 18600762.

Time Details
04/16/2008 06:38:44PM Session Started with Agent (Mayank_164048)
04/16/2008 06:38:46PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. My name is Mayank and my rep ID number is 164048. How may I assist you today?”
04/16/2008 06:39:14PM Richard Goldberg: “All my wordperfect documents have disappeared.”
04/16/2008 06:39:35PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “May I have your telephone number, along with the area code to update our records?”
04/16/2008 06:40:40PM Richard Goldberg: “Let me give you the background. I was working with a Verizon technician. His servicepoint program runs a tune-up. This tune up would remove wp from my computer. 2128742008 10023”
04/16/2008 06:40:55PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “Thank you for the information.”
04/16/2008 06:41:21PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “Is the Word Perfect missing or the files are missing that open up in Word Perfect?”
04/16/2008 06:41:46PM Richard Goldberg: “As I was saying, in the course of working with him, when one desktop icon was dragged into the recycle bin, all the others attached and were dragged also. When recycle w as opened, it was empt y.”
04/16/2008 06:42:23PM Richard Goldberg: “All the files, all my writing, have disappeared. My poems, my resume, my work stuff, it’s all gone. The program, itself, is there.”
04/16/2008 06:43:28PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “Richard, since it is the files that have been deleted and not the program, the only way we could have recovered it is from recycle bin. Now, there is not way we can get those files back. Unfortunately they have been deleted permanently.”
04/16/2008 06:43:29PM Richard Goldberg: “I am hoping we can go back to an earlier period in time to find and retrieve them.”
04/16/2008 06:44:10PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “You would not be able to retrieve files by restoring system to an earlier time. It is only when a program has been uninstalled accidentally that you want back.”
04/16/2008 06:44:25PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “It would not help in retrieving files back.”
04/16/2008 06:45:03PM Richard Goldberg: “I am sad that there is no help. Good night.”
04/16/2008 06:45:46PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “I can imagine your situation but you can search for some online programs that can help you get those back.”
04/16/2008 06:46:13PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “I am not sure about how to use that but there are some programs that can serve this purpose. Hope it works for you.”
04/16/2008 06:46:13PM Richard Goldberg: “Tell me about this.”
04/16/2008 06:46:33PM Richard Goldberg: “What are they called?”
04/16/2008 06:47:01PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “You may google this online. These are called file recovery softwares.”
04/16/2008 06:47:20PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “”
04/16/2008 06:47:45PM Richard Goldberg: “Thank you. Again, good night.”
04/16/2008 06:47:57PM Agent (Mayank_164048): “You are welcome. Is there anything else regarding your Dell system that you need help with?”
04/16/2008 06:48:27PM Richard Goldberg: “No.”

Now here’s a hint:

Researchers Say Merely Anticipating a Laugh Can

Jump-Start Healthy Changes in the Body

By Kelley Colihan
WebMD Medical News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

April 7, 2008 — OK, take a deep breath. Now put your hand on your belly. Imagine your stomach jiggling, as if you are starting to laugh. You may have just taken a step toward reducing stress hormone levels.

Researchers say merely anticipating a laugh can jump-start healthy changes in the body.

The findings come from a small study, made up of 16 healthy men. The men were divided into two groups. The experimental group was told to anticipate something funny. The other group was used as a comparison.

Researchers then tested the levels of three stress hormones participants had in their blood and compared that to the control group, which did not expect a laugh was on the way.

Researchers found that the group anticipating the laughs had reduced levels of three stress hormones compared to the other group.

Here’s the breakdown from the experimental group.

* Cortisol levels dipped 39%. Cortisol is known as a major stress hormone.
* Adrenaline levels dropped 70%. Adrenaline is also known as epinephrine.
* Dopac levels dropped 38%. Dopac is a chemical related to the “feel-good” chemical known as dopamine.

Persistently elevated stress hormone levels in the blood, as happens under chronic stressful situations, has been linked to a weakened immune system.

“Our findings lead us to believe that by seeking out positive experiences that make us laugh we can do a lot with our physiology to stay well,” says researcher Lee Berk in a news release.

The researchers were following up on a similar study they did two years ago in which they found that anticipating laughter led to an increase in healthful chemicals such as beta-endorphins.

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