It was 1967 or maybe ’68 or even 1969…

…and the folks pictured above made up the editing crew of the movie “Alice’s Restaurant.” Back then that meant something. To some folks–including me, the one bottom center above–it meant a lot. I was going to have a career in film, I was. (Those of you who knew me then might want to smile, chuckle or even guffaw here.) A couple of blog entries ago–maybe just the last one–I described losing everything in my computer done on Wordperfect: my writing, poems, work-related materials and my resume. Today I discovered that my film resume, the list of movies, documentaries and tv shows I worked on from 1967 thru 1990–my work life before social work–has also disappeared. All this after a concussion last May and the disappearance of many of the more charming parts of my memory…

So what!? Nothing lasts forever–and here I’m also thinking of my abilities to throw a baseball accurately, drink more than one tequila a night and make love remembering the last time I’d done so. (This last point isn’t all that accurate, but it seemed so cute when I thought of it.) Frankly this is not a new discovery on my part. Somewhere back some decades ago I wrote out a list of names under the heading, “People I Thought Would Always Be My Friends Who Aren’t.” Given all the anger that undoubtedly went into that list, you’d–or I’d–think I’d remember who was on it. Nope. All gone.

So what’s my point? Is this posting an affirmation of the Buddhist teaching of impermanence or the medical teaching of Alzheimer’s Disease? Is it about sadness or resignation? No! Actually there is no point. It’s just about noticing one more aspect of what’s going on with me right about now. Nothing more than one part of a very diverse and active portfolio of love, work and play, of creativity and activity and even passivity–all with a great deal of smiling.

Here’s a smile or three:



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  1. Arlo Guthrie’s song “Alice’s Restaurant” (the basis of the movie you worked on) is 18.5 minutes. The infamous gap on the Watergate tapes was also 18.5 minutes. Coincidence??


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