The (ooh ooh shudder!) VOID!!!

For as long as I hve been aware of people speaking indulgently about themselves and their penetrating observations on life, the universe and the whole thing (thanks, Douglas Adams) I’ve been hearing about The Void. You know, the feeling of emptiness that’s too emotionally powerful to be called emptiness. The one that finds its way into mysticism, eastern thought and western psycho-products.

(This is starting to sound harsh and skeptical, huh?)

Anyhow, in service to you, my loyal blog recipients, I have just completed deep personal research into my own deep, personal Void and am here with the results:

Quite simply, The Void is just that. That is to say, it is and, since it is, it really isn’t nothing or emptiness. To wit (or lack there of) it isn’t a void. It’s a nifty space/time item filled with, well, voidiness. It can be located with some precision in the area of the solar plexus, and is easily accessible at any moment in which you are not happily or unhappily engaged in living your life.

Others have written much more about The Void. So, if this isn’t enough, please consult them.

Meanwhile, here are some snaps. Each might seem to have it’s head cut off. Think of that as symbolizing the inappropriateness of thought or an expression of voidiness or even the photographer’s failure to compose well.


















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