Right here in New York City!

I’ve really nothing to say right now, but I couldn’t just send you these snaps without some kind of comment.  This afternoon, walking thru the Ramble in New York’s Central Park, I ran into these fellers:


In Central Park!!


Quiet, calm, curious, friendly–but mostly curious– raccoons right here in New York City, where people come from everywhere else so they can make more noise and craziness than they could at home while at the same time being more afraid of strangers than they’d ever been before.  But not them.

So you can surely imagine my surprize when these little fellers, soft as their fur, just moseyed out of the trees onto the sidewalk and right up to me. Not brave but simply with no fear and no reason to develop any.

Look at this one! There he is up on his hind legs and there I am on my ugly twisted feet looking down into his beautiful eyes and there we are, the two of us, just being there in the Ramble in Central Park in New York City.


*                   *                  *

Now that I’m back home and I’ve started thinking again (while I was out there I was too busy being there to do any thinking), I wonder how they got there and where was mama when I was taking pictures and how come in 43 years of walking thru the Ramble I’d never seen raccoons in there before and some more generic questions like what do they eat and how do they spend their time and do they have rabies.  That last one gives rise to a personal question:

Was my toe in danger?

The only one I can truly answer is the last one: no.

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