Could it be that your immense empathy for your clients has become part of who you are? Do they not go through a period of self-hate? I’m not talking about transference here, I’m talking about connections with these people that you have helped. You are one being…made up of infinite connections with other beings, any one of which can vastly change either being involved…


A bunch of things are coming together at this moment, brought into focus by the words of Cousin Ezra printed above.  It might not have been conscious, but it wasn’t coincidental that the last posting was introduced by my plea for feedback.  The material presented in the post was both painful and puzzling, leaving me to a great extent hosting feelings alien to my experience.  It felt like I’d been strapped to the back  rack of my bicycle while someone else pedaled and steered.  (Is “bicyclejacked” a term?)

img_2804I needed help.

So many of you supplied that help either through comments that others might read (click on “comments” or “See Comments” below) or in private correspondence.  Some focused on the meditation experience, some on the interaction with my teacher, some on my relationship with my clients.  All provided me with fresh vantage points from which to gain additional understanding of what all had transpired and, ultimately, how to make the most of it.

Again, thanks!

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