Something Different


It started a little more than a week ago with this, Bobbie reading AARP Magazine.  Quickly it progressed to this:

—– Original Message —–
From: “Richard Goldberg” <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 9:58:33 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Something different

This is not to notify you of a blog posting.  Rather it is an invitation to you to participate in writing a blog entry.

Here’s the challenge: Write your autobiography in 6 words–no more or less.

Send them to me by reply email.  I’ll collect them and publish them in the blog–without comment.  If you want to be posted anonymously, say so and I will do so.  Otherwise I’ll identify you as you choose to be known.

This is not a contest.  It’s just something to think about for a minute and then do.  You’ve got a week to reply.  Deadline is June 30th.

Here are two that have already been submitted:

“Kim, Dave, Mike
Tom, Richard, Nurse.”
“Last chapter yet to be written.”

I look forward to reading yours.


Here are your replies roughly in the order received.  Thank you.


Don’t move
That’s it
Got it!

“emerged, awake, soon asleep, no matter”
(just) mark

–anon please

Alix  always wanted to be beautiful.
–Alix Lorance

a happy being being happy being
–Christy Wang

Family, children, grandchildren, relatives, students, friends.
–Dorothy Quirk

I arrived, I saw, I parented!
–George Kaplan

Blessed with family, children, loves.  grateful

“Life lessons for irreversible mistakes? Fair.”                                                                     –Jack Beaton


My life story line is introspective.
–Karen Kaminski

Married (twice), skiing musically with kids.
–Jim Kimenker

pretty good thus far: still breathing.
–David Mintz

Fifty years, nothing more than this.
–Anonymously please

friend, father, teacher, musician, recovering addict.
–Terry McGovern

Watching for glimpses of the sun.
–Nadia Huntley

“without: sight, scent, sound, touch, -hollow.”
–You may sign my moniker to the above—DW

I came, I putzed, I left.
–Fred Rosenberg


“Will the fortune teller be right”
–Mary Smith

“never say you are too old.”
–David Straite

“I am always at the beginning…”
–Sheldon Blitstein: Quoting the Buddha on his 80th birthday

work hard & keep going
–Norm Cagin

wife, mother, sister, daughter, student, love
–Connie Kaminski

amazing, underachieving, grateful, adventurous, and everchanging!!
–Luis Rosa

Born, educated, drugged, friend, jailed, recovery.
–Juan Dones

Born. Grew. Aged. Not dead. Yet.
–Bill Kinloch

Miracles continue to happen to me.
–Evelyn Tirado

i don’t know where i will be in the future?
–Eman Evans

Six word autobiography: too arbitrary, short.
–John Craig

Woman, Wife, Musician, Cyclist, Humanist, Friend.
–Joan Harper


Married. Happy father. To be continued.
–Ezra Beaton

bill’s smile seen on dead raccoon!
–Bill Miller

Kim, David, Mike, Tom, Richard, Nurse.
–Bobbie Goldberg

Wow! It really isn’t  about me.

Mostly learning experience at times enlightening.
–Olga Stebeleva

creative chaos broadcasts green heart’s smile

Me, Mom, Dad, Deb, David, Bill
—And —-
I am, I am, I am
–Denise Connors

person, soldier, engineer, husband, father, grandfather
–Ron Kaminski

Always learning, sometimes growing, rarely satisfied.                                  –Wayne Wright

Sometime confused and wet, but happy!          — Dan Monahan

Once Sierra Leone refugee living happily!           –Yandouba Monahan

Always learning, sometimes growing, rarely satisfied.  Kim Calcasola

Still loosing hair and gaining weight.        –Jim McAslan

I came, I saw, I conquered.          –Lew Brown


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  1. interesting concept.
    I love your drawings, would like to see more of them. I still have those two you sent to me framed in our den. Can you scan all yours in and post them?


  2. Kudos Richard. Yours was the funniest (after mine, of course).


  3. This from friend Judy in Virginia:

    I took a quick look at the six word biographies and just loved one of them.

    I came, I putzed, I left.

    If I end up with a tombstone, I’d like that on it. I’m hoping to be recycled, but it isn’t up to me.


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