Two addicts are talking…

The first one says, “Nobody could help me outta this shit except another addict.  Them college boys they got runnin’ treatment nowadays and them books–you know what I mean–they don’t know shit about what dis shit is about.”

The other one, he says, “Yer up yer ass!  Another fuckin’ addict don’t know shit.  He just another fuck-up a little more down dis same dumbass road we on.  He gonna tell you how to run your life and he don’t know shit.  He ain’t nothin’ but a relapse waitin’ to happen.”


“Besides,” the first one says.  “The kinda food they got in them treatment places.”

“Yeah,” the other guy says.  “And now they don’t even let you smoke cigarettes in them places.  Can you believe that shit?”

“And you gotta clean the toilets–”

“And cook the food and shit.”

“And the fuckin’ people they got in there!  You know what I mean?   Like I’m gonna talk to them about my shit”

“Yeah,” the other guy says.

“Exactly!”   Silence.  They look around.

“Tomorrow,” the other one says.

“Yeah,” the first one says.

They look around again and walk off in different directions…

(O.K., so here’s the question: Where are they talking about meeting tomorrow?  Is it the same place to do drugs again or is at a treatment center?  Write your response by clicking on “Leave a comment” below, then following the prompts.)

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