Right Now!


  • most gift shopping
  • holiday card designed and sent
  • my wish list created and submitted
  • travel plans made

To Do:

  • one last gift to get for family
  • one gift to get for workplace Kris Kringle exchange
  • wrap gifts
  • buy and decorate tree
  • buy and cook pot roast for work party
  • get massage!

Right now:

  • Rough Guide’s music of the Himalayas playing softly enough that the background of traffic moving gently thru the rain outside my window remains audible.
  • Here and there a horn–not angry, just alerting others, “I’m here too.”
  • From the bedroom the occasional voice of Bobbie’s Pathophysiology (articulation–joints) instructor  coming thru her computer.
  • Fred the cat lies on the ottoman.
  • Mrs. Sipowicz the cat lies on the bed.
  • Jasmine tea brews for me.  Regular for Bobbie.

Right now is the moment to allow past and present, Done and To Do.  Just let them be.  Let them float in and out of awareness without getting caught up in them or the feelings associated with them.  I add milk and sweetener to Bobbie’s tea, bring it to her.  She smiles, kisses me, “Did you think you could get away without a kiss?”  Right now is the moment, and it could not be better.

*     *     *     *     *

Whatever your  holiday

whether you celebrate it or observe it or even wait patiently for it to be over

may it be joyful.

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