Happy New Year!

Art is everywhere!  Maybe that’s the watchword for 2010.  I don’t know.

Above is a photograph made a few weeks ago.  It’s not so much “a picture of ___” as it is just “a picture.”  Again, I don’t know.  It delighted me when it first appeared.  It still does.  The balance and energy, the shapes, the mystery, the textures of it.

I like that it’s so unlike the photos I’ve been admiring lately, particularly

Judith Raices’ planetarium in snowstorm and

Duncan Campbell’s Stopping by Woods and

even my own Central Park pond in snow.

So here’s the challenge/opportunity: Do  you have a snap for me?  One you’ll let me post to share with others?  If so, email it to me as an attachment and I’ll post it.  Please keep in mind I won’t be able to post all at once, so it may take a while.  If the number is really large, I’ll create an album on Picasaweb and post the link in the next  blog entry.

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