Is there Zen in This?

You decide!

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  1. The domestique approached the master and asked “after I have completed 7 hill repeats, will I reach enlightenment?” The master smacked him on the head with a tire pump and stated “Pain feels no bicyclist.” (Translator’s note: Some versions of the story have the master just uttering the single word “Merckx”.)


  2. who the hell is ed roy number one? you’re not meditating when you’re shitfaced, Goldberg. Duck!


    • Joanna–
      Notice the date, 1982. I undoubtedly was shitfaced. Meditation was 19 years in my future.


  3. I think there is. Pecos Bill looks like he’s “spoilin’ for a fight.” He is looking at the other cowboy, because the bicyclist is smiling peacefully. No fight there…the bicyclist has nothing to prove…he’s not looking angry, and he’s not looking weak. He just is.


  4. why was the bicyclist in a rough cowboy bar in the first place…or as an old Sufi teacher told me once “the work is easy in a health food store, the real work was in Safeway” Was this his Safeway(do you have those back east?)?


    • Safeway is known to us here. As for the Why question: Bicyclists don’t choose their stopping spots. Their legs do the choosing, and you’ll never find a brain in a kneecap.


  5. quite cool!! LOVE!


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