Pachel, Tinker, Archie & Debbie: Let’s have some fun!

This one started this morning.  After a night of coughing and wheezing I decided that a hot tub might be just the thing to loosen up the congestion.  Not wanting it to appear solely medicinal and me feel like a victim, I set a different scene by lighting a candle and putting on some Pachelbel Canons (  Anyhow, my mind being the strange device it is, Pachelbel led me to think of Tinkerbell and, being sufficiently stuck in the ’60’s, to Archie Bell and the Drells (  Then  Debbie Bell, a bicycle-riding-buddy around 20 years ago, whom I’ve not seen in years. You see,  she fell in love, moved to  Nyack, and now it’s Christmas cards at most.  Life’s like that.

Anyhow, the Bell thing continued.  Liberty appeared.   Taco appeared.  Then it occurred to that same mind mentioned earlier, the one that doesn’t stay in the same place all that long any more and is totally selective–without consulting me–as to what it chooses to remember:

Why me do all the work?  Let them (you, that is) extend the Bell list.

OK, simple enough.  Submit a comment mentioning your favorite Bell or bel or Belle.  You might even want to stretch it out into a belly.  Whatever, it’s all on you.

For extra credit: Is she listening to Pachel or Archie?

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  1. 1. That is a she??

    2. One bell in my long-ago memory is the sound of a doorbell…many doorbells…as I went on my “Avon Calling” rounds with Kim in the stroller. As I went through my suburban neighborhood, people would open their homes and wallets as I either brought new Avon books, or their already-purchased cosmetics and colognes. One man bought every container I could sell him! He admitted to never using the products…just wanted to collect the unusual bottles, etc. A very good customer!!


  2. Belle-of-the-ball, Bell helmets, my head is ringing like a bell. John Bel-ushi. Bella in Jordan’s class, Bell tower, my bel-t is too tight around my bel-ly button, Bell Bottom Blues, Bell-adonna, bats in my bel-frey, bell-igerent bell-boy, bel-ated birthday wishes, Bel-gian waffles, Bel-grade, school bell, bell-hop, Bell-issimo, Bel-t drive, Bel-t way, Bell-agio hotel, Liberty Bell, Bell-atrix, bell-y up to the bar.

    There goes the dinner-bell!

    Bye ding-a-ling.



    • Bellisimo, yourself!


      • Belch!


  3. Bellicose
    Bel Paese
    Belle Epoque


  4. Since two Bell cycling helmets sacrificed themselves to protect my head in two years, I’d have to go with them as my favorite bells.


  5. How can I not forget “Howdy Doody’s Clara Belle the fun antic filled clown. Or “The Bells of Saint Mary”.


  6. My two-year-old granddaughter asked us to sing the song about “Bells in a row.” It took us a while, but after a little pondering we knew she wanted to hear, “Down by the station, early in the morning/ See the little puffer bellies all in a row.”

    Hey, Richard, do you ever look at my blog?


  7. Michelle:


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