Here We Are!

Thanksgiving is past.  Canadians wearing multiple layers of ever so warm clothing are already installing themselves and their ever so fragrant evergreens:

(with thanks to Wikipedia)

on street corners throughout our city.  And soon enough this

will look like this:

then this:

and, if we’re truly lucky, eventually this:

Bobbie grew up with Christmas as the central holiday for her family.  With the Goldberg clan it was always Thanksgiving.  Now, as our lives have coalesced, Thanksgiving-to-Christmas for us has evolved into one wonderfully long Family Holiday.

The folks in the collage above are our family at this moment, the people we hold closer, the ones we’ve allowed to know us beyond the scope of just acquaintances. They are the  harvest of our lives.

Here’s hoping that this time for you is one of  gratitude for the ongoing harvest of your life and of awe at the movement of the seasons into the promise of new life to come.


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Readers’ Gifts

It all started with this notice:

Holiday season’s icumen in!

Some of you make art.  Some teach music.   Some make jewelry and other beautiful things.  Some of you sell these things.   Please contact me with relevant information (your product or service, a website or location where work may be seen, a location where you perform your service or instruction, contact information…)  I’ll post that info on the blog just after Thanksgiving for all to see and, one hopes, for some to respond to.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing and admiring your talents.   I’d like to share that with all who read “Welcome!” Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

Then came the responses.  Here’s  hoping you all have happy and satisfying holidays and that maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something listed here to help make them so.

1. Live  and authentic Louisiana Cajun & Zydeco bands.  Hi Richard.  I don’t know if you are including music but if you are — I’d love to be included.  The website is — and I bring authentic Louisiana Cajun & Zydeco bands (and a few other styles thrown in) for great music and dance events. They are great events for people socializing and connecting, and also having an enjoyable evening.   Laura

2. Needlepoint. Thank you and regards,  Geo Carl Kaplan

3. Pottery.  “This is not mine,” Dorothy wrote.  ” (I actually have no talent) but this is my brother’s website. He is a very well known and respected potter in his field. His (very nice) website, if you want to include it, is:

4.  Art. Tobi Zausner: For people interested in art, there is my website,

And then she wrote, “Is it OK with you if I pass your email to my sister, who does beautiful craft items?”  I said, “OK.”  Thus this:

5. Tobi’s sister’s craft kits.

She writes, “My sister said that you were looking for beautiful and unique things to be featured on your website. So I am suggesting my site,, which has very special products.

My business is focused on empowering creativity for less able bodied adults. My craft kits are designed for those who may have fine motor skill issues and/or cognitive concerns. They are simple and easy to make and do not have tiny parts or require precision.
tel 215-476-1340 & 1-888-246-1104″

6. Backpackinging and camping with kids.  I would like to add two of my books to your gift list. The books should be available at Amazon and other major book stores. For more information about the books, go to my blog,, and click on Pages. Thank you for this opportunity to promote my books.

7. Shaker Music Boxes. These are just two samples of Shaker music boxes by Marvin Blaustein.  Contact him at Marvin.Blaustein@touro.edul



8. Jewelry, jewelry boxes, note cards all based on Japanese kimono designs.

at the Shop of the Brooklyn Museum,  on Saturday evening, December 4th, from 5-10PM.

– Offering our popular Kimono Gems and other jewelry and adornments for you
and your home, including one-of-a- kind pillows, wall art & greeting cards.

–  Come to also enjoy the museum’s Free Target First Saturday performances & open galleries.    (Bklyn Museum/ Eastern Pkwy stop on #2 or 3 train) from 5PM -11PM

9. Andy Pastorino, drummer and drum teacher extraordinaire.

ANDY PASTORINO, musician and drumming instructor, invites potential new students of all
ages to contact him for information about drum lessons in Manhattan or the Bronx.
For a “listen” and contact info, see:

*   *   *

OK, folks, there you  have it.  Please keep in mind–especially those of  you in the legal profession or related to someone so employed–that I’m making no claims for these creators, offering no endorsements of their work or promptness.  Your dealings with them, should you choose to do so, are all, all about you and them with no addition of me.  Meanwhile

Happy Thanksgiving!




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