Another Invitation!

Imagine my surprise on reading the remarkably few comments and emails on the last posting,  Like a Closet in Spring ( I saw it all as one piece and constructed so as to stir up some stuff.  No one else did.  Several folks suggested that each paragraph amounted to the beginning or some other part of a short story.   Some were less complimentary.

“Hmm,” I thought.

So, in my continuing effort to get you all to have fun with words, here’s my invitation:

  1. Take any part of  Like a Closet in Spring and use it as the beginning, middle or end of a fictional short story.  Let that story be no longer than 250 words.
  2. Have fun!  I did when I wrote the original.
  3. Get it to me no later than Valentine’s Day.
  4. I’ll post it!
  5. O.K.?
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  1. Like a closet in Spring, I bear the claustrophobic feeling of an extended winter. Like the clothes in the closet that are bunched together gasping for air, my thoughts and emotions feel the same. There is no room to move and movement is what I need. If I move though ever so slightly, the tears spill like a powerful river that runs to the fall. Why such deep sadness this Spring? I am held hostage I fear. You, oh my love, are the bandit. You held captive by this dreadful disease that will not relent…that takes you down a path that I can’t go. How can I move when you can’t. How can I walk faster when you can only shuffle? How can I raise my voice when yours is just a whisper? Oh, lovely spouse, Spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming and how I want to dance amidst their petals. Oh how I wamt to open this musty closet and breath some air and movement to your limbs. Oh how I want to see you walk again as you once did. How I long to see you lift your legs and feet and shout with the stromg voice I remember.Spring is here, my love. It is time to move forward. It is the time of year when everything regains its strength. I cannot bear the winter any longer. Come spring.


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