“Write Your Creed,” He Said. “Write It!”

The call was to spell out a creed, my creed.  What are my beliefs?  Rather than get lost in an introduction which would only sound like rationalization, let me just list the points as they occur to me:

  1. I believe that I was deliberately created by the Creator, by God.  (This isn’t just ego.  I was wanted.)
  2. God, all powerful, all that is, loves and supports me.  (I am the boss’ son.)
  3. Only I can prevent my success.  (As long as I stay out of my own way, I will flourish.)
  4. My ultimate value, importance and relevance in this life is equal to that of yours and everyone else’s.  (You and me.  The whole team!)
  5. I exist only as I interact with those others. I am not at all separate from them, nor, for that matter, from all that is.   (No you all=no me.)
  6. That “me” to which keep I referring  is ever-changing in it’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual being.  (I call those changes “maturing” and continually work on liking it.)
  7. I believe the harmony with which all interacts is God and may also be called love (when we truly understand that word.)
  8. I believe at this time I am pursuing my calling, i.e., that which I cannot not do.  This is probably always true, but at this moment I can see it.  (Wow!)
  9. I believe whatever happens is a learning opportunity and that it is my responsibility to learn from that experience .  (Yo, G!  Pay attention!)
  10. I  believe that no matter what I do or how well I do it, I am teaching others.  (O, shit, they’re watching!)
  11. I am blessed!  My greatest blessing is to know that I am blessed, to know that numbers 1-10 above are true.  (Aaahhhh…)

*   *   *

Now the call goes out to you.  Write a creed!  You don’t have to show it or share it.  If you want to post it, that’s on you.

Just do it.  Do it now!

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