“Write Your Creed,” He Said. “Write It!”

The call was to spell out a creed, my creed.  What are my beliefs?  Rather than get lost in an introduction which would only sound like rationalization, let me just list the points as they occur to me:

  1. I believe that I was deliberately created by the Creator, by God.  (This isn’t just ego.  I was wanted.)
  2. God, all powerful, all that is, loves and supports me.  (I am the boss’ son.)
  3. Only I can prevent my success.  (As long as I stay out of my own way, I will flourish.)
  4. My ultimate value, importance and relevance in this life is equal to that of yours and everyone else’s.  (You and me.  The whole team!)
  5. I exist only as I interact with those others. I am not at all separate from them, nor, for that matter, from all that is.   (No you all=no me.)
  6. That “me” to which keep I referring  is ever-changing in it’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual being.  (I call those changes “maturing” and continually work on liking it.)
  7. I believe the harmony with which all interacts is God and may also be called love (when we truly understand that word.)
  8. I believe at this time I am pursuing my calling, i.e., that which I cannot not do.  This is probably always true, but at this moment I can see it.  (Wow!)
  9. I believe whatever happens is a learning opportunity and that it is my responsibility to learn from that experience .  (Yo, G!  Pay attention!)
  10. I  believe that no matter what I do or how well I do it, I am teaching others.  (O, shit, they’re watching!)
  11. I am blessed!  My greatest blessing is to know that I am blessed, to know that numbers 1-10 above are true.  (Aaahhhh…)

*   *   *

Now the call goes out to you.  Write a creed!  You don’t have to show it or share it.  If you want to post it, that’s on you.

Just do it.  Do it now!

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  1. To restate in four words: The Sacredness of Personality.


    • What you’ve written is not a restatement. It is YOUR statement. None of the current definitions of personality applies to what I’ve written. If “The Sacredness of Personality” is YOUR creed, George, don’t be afraid to identify it as yours and stand by it.


  2. A Goldberg called for a creed,
    which caused me to think hard indeed,
    and to my delight,
    it came to my sight,
    that my creed was one word: “Succeed”.


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