What I learned in 2 weeks in Israel

As most of you have already guessed or verified, all Israelis do not look like this:

For that matter they don’t all look like this:

or even this:

Sadly, more of them do not look like this:

or cook like this:

or have the warmth and worldview of these:

And they all don’t look like this:

All Israeli history does not look like this:

or this:

All tourists don’t act like this:

or this:

wearing tee shirts showing this:

And, quiet as it’s kept, remarkably few folks in this land surrounded by enemies live in constant fear of this:

…and that’s what I learned in two weeks in Israel!

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  1. Richard, I love it! I’ve been to Israel twice and I saw lots of people who look like your pictures some of the time but not all of the time, except for the T-shirt. Thank you for sending this.


  2. Loved your latest photo blog Richard …. the pictures say so much …. you definitely had your eyes open…. another friend just returned from Israel , Marsha Andrews… I’ll try to figure out how to share this , if you don’t mind.


    • Don’t mind at all. In fact that’s the kind of behavior I encourage.


  3. Sister Barbara sends this:

    Wonderful pictures! I was in Israel around 1970. Everyone was still very jubilant over the big win in 1967. All the young Israelis I met wanted to talk about how imperialistic we were and that we had no right to be in Southeast Asia. Here in this exotic place, home was reaching out and touching me. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I spent a great deal of time delving into the medinas, the museums, and the Israeli Philharmonic led by Zuban Mehtah. I no longer frequented the discos and sidewalk cafes where I attracted very opinionated young Israelis. I always remember my trip to Israel as “The Summer I Ran Away from Home.”


  4. And Cousin Toby sends this:

    Well it’s about time you went to the promised land!!!!!!!! Just kidding. I’m really glad that you got there. It appears that Ben is going to check it out for a while. Musa and I will be leaving for a 2 week trip to Israel and Italy this coming week. I can’t wait!


  5. Perfect!!


  6. Oh … loved the pictusres … but most of all love your comments! So glad I got to “re-meet” you at Reunion… Love your insights.
    thanks …

    Life is good …


  7. This is swell, contrasting presentation. The pictures, of course, are terrific, and the concept is brilliant. Thanks for sharing it. Judith


  8. What a wonderful experience Goldberg and indeed a pleasure to share Israel through your eyes and words. “To Life”.
    Be Well


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