Say Something or Not…

A few years ago I ran a write-in asking you to submit an autobiography in exactly 6 words.  About fifty folks replied.  Since then responses to requests for write-in participation have steadily and dramatically decreased.  When I asked for captions for the following drawings exactly two folks replied with captions.  One more replied with a refusal to submit captions.  Having just returned from a 5 day meditation retreat filled with a wonderful peace and equanimity , all the ideas I might have had for why so few reader contributions have flown leaving the simple reality of what did arrive in the mail.  Here it is:

” My God!  I forgot the opera tickets!”

 “OMG–I’ve been invited to a Tea Party, and I don’t even drink tea…”


“About how many pancakes do I have to get to get the BIG pitcher of syrup?”

Two words seem to say it all…


“We all dress this way because we want to show you how unique we are…”

The door to opportunity flies open.

“What’re ya doin’ today?”  “Just hangin’…”


“See you after the show…”

Thanks to Jack and Nameless for their submissions.


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