First Friday & First Things First!

First, the upcoming surgery I mentioned last posting is now the surgery of the past.  It appears to have been truly successful.  The lesson here: Trust reduces stress which facilitates desired results.  Thanks, Dr. Shah.

Next, today is the First Friday of my taking Friday vacation days for as long as I can.  This is the temporary compromise to my asking for a reduction in my work week to 32 hours and being told no.  It is also something I’d suggested back in April and was told no.  The difference: this time I was not the one to suggest it.  The lesson here: sometimes your ideas are more powerful when they come out of somebody else’s mouth.

Next lesson, don’t talk more than what folks are ready to hear.  So here’re some new favorite snaps:

a staircase…

…a sink…

…and a truck.

And thanks, Universe.


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  1. Good to learn you are up and around and active. . . .


  2. I love your lessons learned!
    Glad to hear the surgery was successful!
    Congrats on your Friday vacations forever!


  3. Hi Richard, I always enjoy your blog, been reading it since last fall (after WZ retreat). Slow Friday today at work, and I read some of the older posts. In one of them you said you “Need Feedback”, so here you go. Lots of nuggets in here… “anger is a secondary emotion” is a favorite concept. Nice saturated colors in today’s photos. Glad you’re in the Universe. –Andy


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