Rambling Again…

Let’s start with the 3 jewels of Taoism:

Simplicity, Humility, Compassion

Now let’s add On A Night Such As This, a collage created by Romare Bearden in 1975:

Here’s a picture of a pretty full moon rising over my block…

…and a Thanksgiving souvenir stand briefly on our corner:

There’s so much I know nothing about, so I present it rather than write about it.  What about you?

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  1. The three jewels of Taoism sound like they were written for designers. We have to make things simple. We have to accept people’s rejections of our ideas as gifts that will improve our work, instead of insults. And a feeling of empathy is what shows us which direction to change things in; otherwise we might intellectually know how to make things better, but people don’t act on what they know, they act on what they feel.


  2. Everyday I recognize how little I know and how much I have to do catch up. . .but the abyss seems to grow and my time seems to shrink. . .so I must always wonder!


  3. For me it ‘s such a relief not to have to know anything about anything. Knowing is like a veil that shrouds the untainted brightness of that which is changing every moment.. We go behind the curtain of the mind to think, to understand, and while we are there, we miss the next chapter as it is written and unfolding on the stage of the world. That said, those three pictures have that brightness and are sparkling like jewels.


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