Have an Assault Rifle?

It occurred to me this morning while sitting in peaceful meditation that I do indeed need a high-powered assault rifle equipped with a magazine holding at least 100 rounds of profoundly powerful kill capability.  Had my meditative state been any less profound, this remarkable revelation would have disrupted it severely, perhaps even causing me to latch onto that thought, building an ever-greater structure of consequences upon it until becoming sufficiently engrossed as to miss the three chimes signaling the end of the meditation period.

[I interrupt myself here.  This post is not about meditation.  It is about my–and perhaps your–relationship to those weapons of significant destruction which have recently come under fire (‘couldn’t resist that one!) from the liberals.]

Most folks who support the individual’s right to own  an AK-47 or the good ol’ 30-06 (a.k.a. thirty aught-six), the recently spotlighted AR-15, Remington 870 (“most popular shotgun in the country”) or even a Glock 40 tend to put it in terms of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  That, as some will say, is all well and good, but justification via legality for owning one of these babies pales in comparison to the rationale supplied by actual need.  As one owner says,

“Guns, if they have a moral dimension, are good. Without guns, the strong can always dominate the weak; the many can always dominate the few; and men can always dominate women. A gun gives each person an agency equivalent to his (or her) moral standing. In my humble opinion, those who teach correct and proper gun use are doing G-d’s work.*

And there are a wealth of additional reasons to maintain one’s personal ability to wreak havoc from a distance.   Fear is usually at the heart of it.  But not always, especially among the truly brave.  Here’s mine:  it’s fearless and it begins with a photo:

Amsterdam Ave.

The photo is one of traffic outside my bedroom window at night.  Think about it: every one of those cars has a horn, a radio and probably one or more additional devices for amplifying sound.  In short every one of them is capable of–dare I say it?–ASSAULTING sleep, reading or other bed activities.  This I do not like, but O, what to do?  From seven flights up there is no way to tell which vehicle hosts that honking horn or offending sound system.  If the culprit vehicle had a blinking roof light or other visible sign of identification, an M-15 or other designated marksman rifle (DMR) sniper rifle would be acceptable–if, of course, I was fast enough on the trigger to select, aim at and squeeze off that well-aimed single shot.  Quite frankly, dear reader, that scenario goes far beyond my  sharpshooterial skill level.  An automatic weapon, on (or in) the other hand, would allow me to hit all, thus insuring that the actual noisenik received his or her ultimate comeuppance.

And, with the aid of a silencer,  I’m sure my neighbors would thank me for standing up for our community’s right to a peaceful night’s whatever.

*   *   *   *   *

Now it’s your turn.  What is your reason for owning a gun.

  • To protect your loved ones?
  • To protect your valuables?
  • To protect your castle?
  • To defend your state via militia participation?
  • To kill coyotes or other varmints?
  • To have your way with small shop owners?
  • To show them who’s a victim?
  • To stand up for–or even enforce–your beliefs?
  • To quash opposing political or social opinions?
  • To feel like a real man or woman?
  • Just for a thrill?

Use the comments tab below to register your reason for big gun ownership.


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  1. I once looked into buying an assault rifle and those things cost a mint. I already have a subscription service for on-call gun-toting security guards. It’s called the police. They have a fantastic payment plan called taxes, that comes in at a tiny fraction of the cost of a gun. And I barely need to do anything!


  2. actually, my TAXES are much much more expensive than a single weapon, but thanks for the laugh.


  3. This, from joenyc5543@aol.com: To defend against the possible Big Government abuse of power…
    history shows that every time government gets too big… many many people die…. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Hitler….. and on through ancient history. THAT is the reason the 2nd Amendment exists, I believe.

    Note that I don’t personally own any gun, much less an “assault rifle”


  4. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/armed-revolution-44-republicans-article-1.1332621

    This poll indicates many Americans, including 18% of self-described Democrats, believe an “armed revolution” might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties…. astounding, right?

    I don’t believe that, but I can understand the fear of big government continually getting bigger and creepier. If the Bush administration had done some of the things Obama is doing, the press would be up in arms. Civil Liberties being impinged upon, power of federal govt continues to spread. Our dependence on government continues to grow despite the clear inefficiency and unsustainability of that.


  5. This one from Neighbor Stan:

    There’s a lotta vehicles that need silencing so you’d be up all night with a mere AK-47.
    But the real purpose of the Second Amendment is to be able to ward off a takeover from the bad guys with black helicopters.
    These guys will doubtless be quipped with the most modern weaponry, so the endeavors of the NRA in protecting us are hopelessly inadequate. Every citizen should have access to radar and anti-aircraft guns, and machine guns for dealing with ground troops parachuting from the black helicopters.
    So its time for your blog to expand its mission and cover all the contingencies of modern protection.


  6. Hey, I’m the daughter of a police officer! My sister and I never saw our dad’s gun. He always put it in a safe place so we couldn’t reach it – or be aware it was in the house (of course, my sister and I eventually knew his secret place).

    He never preached gun use – and was a non-violent person. I just don’t get why people need 100 rounds of ammo – what are they afraid of?



  7. I find a water pistol a useful tool. The problem is that the two I owned have vanished. And equally sad, the only magazines I see have words and ads. Oh well…


  8. I heard a WW2 vet describe being dropped on the beach with just the essentials; first aid, survival gear, a gun, and a few magazines of 10 rounds each. He survived to tell his story, and his survival depended much more on a combination of luck and the application of common sense than it did on how many bullets were ready to be fired without reloading his weapon.

    I do own a .243 rifle for the purposes of hunting for food and protecting my gardens from herbivorous predators. I have fired it less than 10 times in the four years that I have owned it and only three times at live targets, killing three groundhogs that were devouring our pumpkins and various other food plants. In owning and using this gun for it’s intended purposes I understand both how it could be used for good and evil deeds, but more importantly I understand that I could just plant extra pumpkins and ignore the ones with teethmarks.

    According to equality why should I be a criminal for owning, carrying, or using an M16, AK47, AR15, bazooka, missile launcher, or nuclear warhead while cops, soldiers, privatized militia, and politicians own, carry, and use them without criminal consequences?


  9. “Oh, reason not the need.” Shakespeare King Lear

    I have been endowed y my creator with certain inalinable rights. The relationship of those rights to the governments power is defined in the constitution, the 2nd amendment to which says that included an automatic rifle. Therefore I do not have to satisfy you, the Government, or anyone else as to why I need such a gun. It is my right, pure and simple.


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