Nothing Special


The snap above was taken with a Lumia 928, the camera part of my new Nokia smartphone.  In one easy motion the phone was removed from my pocket, turned on and the camera function activated.  The device was then aimed and the picture was taken.  At home the colors were deepened a bit, a brownish warmth and a thin black border were added using Picasa, a free photo editing and storing program from Google.


One block away sunlight on a construction site partition, brown wood partly painted blue.  Same phone/camera, same Picasa.

This is my world.

Nothing special.

I look at it,

I’m knocked out.

Thank You.



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Is this Zen…Again?

One hundred steps beyond the top of my book

A man, dressed adequately for all seasons

walks slowly, unsteadily yet gracefully across the grass

separating my bench from the river.

He stops, kneels, then lies down on that grass.

He sleeps.

I read.

After some time he rises

walks a bit more

stopping mostly behind a tree.

He urinates

and then moves on.

At a bench to my left

he spots a newspaper

sits down, reads.

Life provides.  All is good.

I read.

The man who walked, slept, pissed and read

laughs softly, repeatedly

a high pitched ha ha ha.

He gestures enthusiastically

to those I’ll never see

converses intimately, silently with them

words I’ll never hear.

A woman, ears covered

against the noise she creates

drives a Toro mower

in no clear pattern

across the field in front of us.

The smell of fresh cut grass

envelops us both!

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