Is this Zen…Again?

One hundred steps beyond the top of my book

A man, dressed adequately for all seasons

walks slowly, unsteadily yet gracefully across the grass

separating my bench from the river.

He stops, kneels, then lies down on that grass.

He sleeps.

I read.

After some time he rises

walks a bit more

stopping mostly behind a tree.

He urinates

and then moves on.

At a bench to my left

he spots a newspaper

sits down, reads.

Life provides.  All is good.

I read.

The man who walked, slept, pissed and read

laughs softly, repeatedly

a high pitched ha ha ha.

He gestures enthusiastically

to those I’ll never see

converses intimately, silently with them

words I’ll never hear.

A woman, ears covered

against the noise she creates

drives a Toro mower

in no clear pattern

across the field in front of us.

The smell of fresh cut grass

envelops us both!

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