Nothing Special


The snap above was taken with a Lumia 928, the camera part of my new Nokia smartphone.  In one easy motion the phone was removed from my pocket, turned on and the camera function activated.  The device was then aimed and the picture was taken.  At home the colors were deepened a bit, a brownish warmth and a thin black border were added using Picasa, a free photo editing and storing program from Google.


One block away sunlight on a construction site partition, brown wood partly painted blue.  Same phone/camera, same Picasa.

This is my world.

Nothing special.

I look at it,

I’m knocked out.

Thank You.



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  1. phone cameras suck! not enough resolution–buy a camera and throw the phone away–or use it for its real purpose.


  2. The beauty of the smart phone is how it can easily fit into our hand and instantly become everything we need all in one. It was easy to just slide your phone out and photograph what was in front of you, and that’s the tease. The essence of photography will only remain unique if its used with a camera, because a camera phone simplifies the beauty of a picture with its use of filters. However, as much as people complain about camera phone pictures versus the camera, camera phones will win because of their convenience! I fall victim to this battle all the time and the war will never end because the quality of camera phones are increasing!


  3. There are good reasons for camera phones. Camera phones go more places and see more things because they require less of their owner. Too, you can share your photo with another human being anywhere in the world immediately after you take it. If your goal is to share what you see, a camera phone is truer to the core purpose of cameras.

    While many camera phones are low quality, Nokia phones are known for the quality of their lenses. Lens quality matters more than resolution – even NASA landers often only have 2 megapixels on them, because a lens has to be very high quality (and expensive, fragile, and heavy) to make those extra megapixels more than just noise.


    • Very interesting even as a second and third viewing. The colors are great. As is the writing. We should get together one more time. I’m emigrating to GB some time soon. To be with my younger son’s family. And get away from the horrors that are now the USA! Lots of unkindness and lack of caring even among friends. And some relatives.


  4. Imagine my surprise! Here I was posting about the simple, all-encompassing beauty of my world and my gratitude for that, but those readers choosing to comment are instead focused on the technology involved. There’s something instructive for me in this. Hmm…


  5. The all-encompassing beauty of the world is self-explanatory, so no words are needed. But technology makes no sense, so we need words.


  6. OY! this is making my head hurt. Just relax and enjoy the pictures.


    • A comment on the comments, cool…


  7. Ah, there’s some of the haiku I was looking for. BTW, like the photos — original, storytelling.


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