I Don’t Know


The snap above was made at the opening of a truly fine art exhibit, “A West Side Story: 80’s Subway Painting Exhibit” By Graffiti Art Legend, George “SEN One” Morillo.  The show is still going on at

Goddard Riverside The Bernie Wohl Center
647 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024

but this isn’t about that.  Here’s another taken at the same event:


Of the however many photos I snapped at this event, these are my favorites.  In fact, they’re the only ones I like.  Clearly both are unclear.  The camera is moving; people are moving.  In neither case was I looking at the viewfinder when the shutter was released.

Stuff happens

I don’t know.

There’s a different element of mystery in the three pictures below.  In each we see two people.  What’s going on between them?  Now here’s where not knowing becomes creativity.  Look at each snap…

  1.  MOMA





We don’t see their faces, but we know something is going on between them. Perhaps casual, perhaps dramatic, perhaps outright silly, the interactions by which we remind each other–at least for the moment–that we exist and are part of their lives and that, for the most part, we care.

Here’s what I ask of you: Click on the “comments” or “leave a comment” written below in a reddish color and write a few lines of dialog to accompany any of these photos.  You can be as brief or not as you choose.  Identify the photo you’re illuminating by it’s number.  Have fun!

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