Cluttered, Clearing…Not So Cluttered

This year’s five day Western Zen Retreat began much as had all the others I’d attended: my mind filled with the beautiful and the painful and the mundane, the usual clutter of living in this particular world.



 After a while–actually, not too long a while–my mind began to clear, thus making more than  ample room for


screaming pain, great doubt and the kind of suffering you don’t want to know about.



Imagine a malnourished and consequently really pissed lion raging inside  your brain, your knees and your hips.



More time, a little more, then bango! the bolt of lightening, the pealing thunder, the parting clouds and voila!  Mind clutter pretty much cleared leaving nothing  but the knee pain, the hip pain, a wealth of smiles and more gratitude than a man in so much knee and hip pain could ever really account for.


DDRC 2008

Ah, the good old Western Zen Retreat.

Chances are next year I’ll go back.




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  1. I know exactly how you feel. we all have our own demons. Mine is being overweight (fat). I am going for a two week visit to a fat farm in November. It is not ‘mind clutter’…but “fat clutter’.


  2. Consider that the experience of pain lets you know that you are still alive. Without it we would have nothing to bitch about.


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