Alaska Without Adventure

A week on a luxury cruiser

Carefully orchestrated land excursions

Food and scenery in abundance

Local folks keen on pleasing us

Us the cash crop.  Still–

Fun for all!



Bald eagle, raptor center, Ketchikan



Bald eagle being treated for injuries in a raptor center



Skagway “gold rush” train


Skagway souvenir shop


South Seward Glacier, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Alaska

South Seward Glacier, Tracey Arm Fjord


reindeer preserve, Ketchikan

Deer sniffing money


Bald Eagles, wilderness river adventure, Haines

Healthy bald eagles


Celebrity Solstice in Ketchikan

Celebrity Solstice



Ketchikan, 7 a.m. Sunday morning



Ketchikan, a few hours later


Formal night

Formal dinner night on board the Celebrity Solstice


Humpback whale watch

Tail of a humpback whale


at Mendenhall Glacier

Waterfall adjacent to the Mendenhall Glacier


Inland passage

Along the Inland Passage


RSG at wilderness river adventure, Haines

Alaskan tourist (with blanket)

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  1. Is that a deer sniffing money or a caribou? Great photos…..but…the place looks cold and wet.


    • Hey John! Temps were in the 50’s. Rain and fog were frequent. Not at all unlike Ireland.


      • They’re deer with new antlers still under a moss-like covering.


  2. From Pat Carter:

    I have been to all of those places in Alaska but it was much warmer when I was there. Everywhere we went the natives were thanking us for bringing the warm weather. Although I don’t remember them being greedy for our money. I even questioned one about the habit of tipping and was told that Alaskans don’t really expect to be tipped for driving us anywhere, or anything else they do for tourists. He said that sometimes tourists insist on tipping but the tour guides really don’t expect it and don’t get offended. He said it’s their job.


  3. From Ruth Taller

    Enjoyed the pics, especially the sick eagle also reading your story for second time. Thanks for sending them.


  4. From Gwen Oliver:

    Nice pics. Looks like a GREAT trip.


  5. From Lynn Rothschild:

    Dear richard, hi just looked at your pics from Alaska , ten years ago I went to Alaska also on a Celebrity ship and loved it…. we took a helicopter ride to the glaciers and walked on it… it was one of my fav trips i took.. glad all is well. my last trip was to Europe on a river cruise down the Dunabe , and i went to Germany, Austria, Slovokia and Hunguary this summer and it was wonderful..
    great postings and keep in touch,,
    your pal from SV


  6. From William Kinloch

    Well, it is a big state.


  7. From andy newcomb

    Oh, I liked em. And the two WZ reports.


  8. From Annie Addington:

    Wonderful!!!! See you soon, eh?


  9. Richard


  10. From Tobi Zausner

    Beautiful photos and I hope the eagle recovers


  11. From Dmitri Wolkoff

    Hope you get these—they are pretty large files. You take great photos Dick.


  12. From Jacob Paul

    Fantastic shots


  13. From Drdavidkoch

    Wow! Great pictures


  14. From Alan Heim

    very nice but an elk, i think


    • Deer with their new antlers still under a mossy-looking covering.


  15. From Dennis OConnor

    Nice stuff Richard..


  16. From Emily Beaton:

    you and Bobbie must have had fun. I wish you had posted a picture of the two of you on that formal night! Didn’t you take a selfie?
    love, emily


    • We did, but it won’t register as a reply. I’ll mail it to you.


  17. From Bill Cutler:

    Dick, Interesting pictures. Thanks for sending the link. It looks like you had an enjoyable time.


  18. From Ron Cohen:

    Thank you for sending me a picture of a bald eagle. Every morning I look in the mirror and see one.


  19. From Terry Walz:

    Lovely photos, Dick. Loved the glaciers.


  20. From Gerry Brooks:

    Hi Rich,

    Looks like you’re having a grand time.
    I am happy to see you so.
    Thanks for sharing these.


  21. From Anat Zamberg

    So beautiful!


  22. When I first saw your pictures, I thought it was an advertising to tour Alaska. Wonderful photos. We took the train from Skagway to connect to a Road Scholar tour of Yukon and Alaska by vehicle, but the best part was the four days on our own in Juneau before the official trip began, and seeing the Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks in July!


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