First Haiga

First a definition, drawn from

Haiga is a Japanese concept for simple pictures combined with poetry, usually meaning haiku…It can be watercolor paintings, photographs or collages with a poem of any genre that is integrated into the composition. Sometimes the poem is handwritten or it can be computer generated, depending on the artist’s taste.

Haiga is a combination of visual image and poetry, each to enrich the other and, ultimately, to lead the reader/viewer beyond what is presented toward what their own life experience suggests.

Here are my first first:


Fez, Morocco


W 181, NYC


W. 72nd near B'way


Central Park


First snow fantasy


Enfield sunlight


Koch Theater, Lincoln Center



Freeman Street #2 station


Chrysler Building, NYC


03-Niantic 2015


]]At Nianatic Crescent Beach


Ghost of the Klein


Manhattan Av

Manhattan Av











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  1. Particularly enjoying “snowflake” and “painted mailbox”. I would love to see a large photo print of “snowflake”.


  2. One worth a 1000
    A 1000 worth 1


  3. each frame elicited a comment-unfortunately my faulty memory has failed me again–your stuff is always a joy–create great!!!!


  4. My favorite is the one snowflake picture, with the splotchy bright primary colors. I also like the starkness of the soft steps picture, with the isolated people.


  5. west/foyle


    i like the mailbox best.


  6. Good work. Thanks, as always Peace & Blessings!

    C. Wainwright, MA, QP


  7. petweiss

    to richsgold


  8. richard,

    i like the poem/picture mix very much. and you’re a very good photographer.

    love to you both,



  9. Beautiful and interesting pictures and matching haiku enhanced the photos.



  10. Interesting. You are very adeventurous and talented.


  11. got the real one…great!



  12. Richard – these are fabulous! The Haiga is a perfect form of expression for you.
    Be well,


  13. I really enjoyed these – more than I thought I would! I just like the photos, and your haiku-ish comments. I especially like the first two pics (the windows and the window display one), and also the one about “Full Moon, my city…” And I love the one about the intermission. I think the pics and the text have equal weight, almost. Love it.

    It also makes me think I should get out more! I have to take Melanie to see the oculus!!

    I hope that you will continue to enjoy the summer and take such interesting “pics plus poetry!”

    Love to you and Bobbie.



  14. Robert

    Beautiful and creative work, again.


  15. Paul

    to richsgold
    Thank you for the new blog. I enjoyed the many beautiful photographs.
    I couldn’t help but notice that Benny looks amazingly like one of my grandsons who is now 35 years old.


  16. Wow Richard, this is awesome and amazing. You’re so creative. Thanks for sharing it with me. It’s so personal, I see how I can relate it to some of my life’s experiences. I just came home after spending a week in Belmar, at the beach. See you soon at the Center.




  17. Denise

    I’ll do ‘morning coffee on the porch, later tequila’.


  18. I always enjoy when the person behind the lens becomes attached to the camera allowing it to capture “life’s beauty”. You haven’t lossed the touch Dick. Be Well!


  19. Hi Richard:

    I never cease to be amazed at what you can do with the camera. You’re so talented. The last one about haiga was awesome. More so, because I’m not good at that, but I appreciate receiving all this from an expert. Thank you.

    See you soon at the center. Hopefully, it will be cooler soon.




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