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Back in July I posted my first batch of haiga. Since I had only just learned of them myself, I figured no one else in the world knew what they were and so included a definition. It went like this:

Haiga is a combination of visual image and poetry, each to enrich the other and, ultimately, to lead the reader/viewer beyond what is presented toward what their own life experience suggests.

The posting garnered sixteen comments–all of them favorable. That made me feel good enough that I posted another batch. Imagine my surprise when this second group resulted in just one (!) comment. Granted it was favorable, but, you know, just one?! After all, there were thirteen of the little guys, thirteen!

Whatever, I was having so much fun  that I wasn’t about to stop just because nobody except for cousin Sharyn seemed to give a damn. To make a story that isn’t particularly long shorter, I’ve since tucked my ego in its own little sleeping bag and spent a remarkable amount of the last few months creating more haiga. I’ve even begun fantasizing publishing a book of the little rascals. But, of course, that’s about me.

Here’s where you come in. Below are a few of the newer haiga.

  • Do you like them?
  • Do you not?
  • Do they lead you off into thinking about moments in your own life?
  • Do you simply not give a damn?

Tell me. I’m strong enough to hear your truth. Please use the “Leave a comment” option at the end of this to make your feelings known.

Trust me, this is definitely not (NOT!) about will you buy the book!

Here they are:




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  1. From Neighbor Stan:

    Great stuff Richard.



  2. Dayum!! I finally found where to leave a comment. Nice to see you in action again. Always a joy!


  3. Richard….
    OK. Here goes: I will rate the haikai in order of my preference. My rating is based on how I relate and internalize each with my own experience.
    The best is (1)”voiceless gulls”
    (2) “one brown leaf” My father smoked Camels…mother Chesterfields
    (3) “never alone”
    (4) “crashing thunder”
    (5) “cool shade”
    ….and I did enjoy your second set of haikal.


  4. Brings back memories of many hours spent alone waiting for the subway on those early high school mornings. Had to use a Walkman back then though😉


  5. and all she could say is “so you still have that couch with the uncomfortable looking wood sides” and I guess you’re having fun with your camera and writing little stories. why not sell your book, nothing wrong with that if you can find a printer who will allow you to keep a very low price, like $4.95.


    • First, who is “she”? Next, who are you, “Anonymous”? Finally, if I could find a publisher who could make a photo book available for $4.95 I’d be on it in a second.


  6. I enjoyed those. Really liked the subway photo and words. Haiga seems to not have rules like haiku.
    I was thinking about doing a haiku for my latest annual photo….

    tree fog lake Crater
    bucket list down one number
    Oregonian at last



    • I’d like to see the photo this is to accompany.


    • Oregonian? Bike? Drive? Suburu? Prius?


  7. Richard,
    I love your work it is full and has so much integrity thank you




  8. From Ron: I enjoyed all that you sent.


  9. Beauty


  10. Love the gulls. Least favorite is the first one. Like the rest. Somehow must have missed others.


  11. Another wonderful set of photos and comments/poetry. U have a unique way of making everything look beautiful –and making me see them as never before. Thank u!


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  12. Your images are beautiful Richard !!!



  13. confession-I L0VE your photography so much that I haven’t given the rest its due.



  14. I may be too visual for these. The pictures engage me right away and bring me my own recollections, then the words evoke something different, then my brain gets into a power struggle. Often abstract paintings will talk to me. So visual then words.;)


    • The visual comes first and triggers the mind to produce–without the intrusion of intellect–a memory or association or even a chain or barrage of associations. The sum total of these, if I’ve done my part well, is greater than the simple sum total. Most relevant: what is offered in the haiga creates a stimulus for the reader to create–or discover–her own response. Ultimately this becomes a joint participation venture, unlike western poetry or pix/captions presentations in which the creator shares his emotional conclusions with the reader.


  15. Richard, you are seriously talented in both visual and auditory worlds. I’m so impressed! (Hope to see you Wednesday.)


  16. Dad’s shirts always came back from the laundry with cardboards in them. I brought the cardboards to my elementary school teacher who passed them out as far as they would go to students with carved up desk tops.
    Thanks, Daddy. And, thanks, Dick. A lost memory retrieved.


  17. Hi Richard. I don’t really understand the first one, with the references to crashing thunder and steel trashcans. I love all the rest, especially the one in the subway, and the one in the bar. I love your choice of words for both. I wish you wouldn’t keep changing the font though: some are harder to read than others (viz. the seagull font)! Thank you for sharing these!


  18. Hi Rich,

    Thank you so much for sending all the pictures and dialogue. I hope all is well with you and Bobbie. It was a very memorable trip and I certainly enjoyed spending time with you both.




  19. Thanks for sending us the link to this. Ray and I enjoyed traveling with you and Bobbie. Your pictures and Haiga are fascinating.


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