Let it snow…

Nine haigas to start the new year. Enjoy, share, comment…your choice.


















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  1. I LOVE them!!


  2. snow falls

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  3. Magical photos, Richard! Especially loved snow covered bike, the ghost of Christmas past.


  4. Beautiful photos and wordsโ€” as usual! I can appreciate it especially when Iโ€™m in Florida. Good Luck with the coming storm.

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  5. Micki says:

    on your Haigas, you have words on the photos. Fancy font makes it difficult to read. Any way to help me out ?
    I enjoy reading you, your thoughts, observations and your reactions.

    Thanks for being confident enough to share…..lots of things…..


  6. Right click on the image. It will enlarge significantly, thus making the reading much easier.


  7. From Yungchen Lhamo

    Thank you so much for you ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’

    Health and happiness


  8. From Kathleen



  9. From Paul
    Thanks ever so much. Happy new year.


  10. From Alan


  11. From Barbara S

    Thank you


  12. From Huguette:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful new blogpost.


  13. From Mike:

    Beautiful, I especially like the first three of the group.


  14. From Harry:

    Really enjoyed them. How did you know it was going to snow today?


  15. From Letitia
    Beautiful! Thank you so much Richard!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


  16. From marge:

    I’ve really been enjoying your blogs. Thanks


  17. Hi Richard, happy new year to you and Bobbie! I really enjoy your work, but I feel that the text, as it appears ON the photos, is kind of jarring, and in some cases, difficult to read. Maybe if it were placed as a traditional caption…? But maybe then it wouldn’t be a haiga? Anyhow, the pictures are beautiful. And I do like the words. I think it’s just a question of how the combination is put together that could perhaps be refined. Just me two ha’pennies’ worth! xox


    • Thanks for your response. Try this: Right click on the image. Click “view image,” and it will enlarge and read easily.


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