This particular moment started when a new acquaintance emailed her interest in hearing about my travels. My response:

I’m much more articulate with a camera than with words if only because that response comes from a deeper place.

The words just came out of my fingers onto the keyboard (I have a desktop) and appeared on the screen. I added links to this blog and to one of my books on Blurb and hit send. The idea that I do better with pictures than words, however, remained. Words for me often get complicated and twisted by the brain that formulates them and the purpose–there’s always a purpose–that motivates them. In my case that usually means seeking either  the validation of being agreed with or a victory possible thru clever argument. (If you need documentation for this, look at the shit I post on Facebook.) My snaps though are no more than,

“Hey! Look at this!”

spontaneous rather than deliberate and not meant to illustrate an idea, attitude or belief.  Thanks to my first photography instructor, Harold Feinstein ( I now have a history of frequently making snaps without necessarily looking thru the camera. The post-processing (what we used to call “darkroom work”) I do is to close the gap between what I saw and what the camera recorded. Harold ultimately taught self-trust, not trust in my conscious ability but rather in something –I say this fully willing to be misunderstood–spiritual. Thanks Harold! That being said,

Hey! Look at these!


RSG w/ Shadow


Rubinstein Atrium


                                                          Amsterdam Houses delivery


Snow on the Guggenheim


W 76 in the rain


W 76 in the rain


W 14 in the rain


Waverly Place





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