Home again, home again…


It's a big, wide, wonderful world you live in
When you're in love, you're a master
Of all you survey
You're a gay Santa Claus

There's a brave, new, star-spangled sky above you
When you're in love you're a hero
A Nero, Apollo
The Wizard of Oz

You've a kingdom, power and glory
The old, old, oldest of stories
Is new, true
You've built your Rome in just one day

Life is mystic
A mid-summer's night you live in
A Turkish delight, you're in heaven
It's swell when you're really in love
It's swell when you're really in love
                        --John Rox

And, as it turns out, that particular world and what I truly love
 is abbreviated NYC.

                                      Capezio window at night, NYC


                                      Lower East Side, NYC


              International Center of Photography, NYC


                    Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NYC


Sitting across from me on the #2 train between Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC


Born in Tashkent, raised in Moscow, lives in Queens, NYC


         Bronx Mennonites singing in the subway, NYC


                                                         Central Park, NYC


Some men’s room on East 4th Street, NYC


                                                   State of grace in NYC!


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  1. Absolutely fantastic! Loved the faces!


  2. Very nice. Actually, super!


  3. Much to contemplate & enjoy here. I love the way the people you photograph are so there, so unhidden — and I wonder if some of that is due to what you took in from Harold Feinstein.?



  4. Annie:
    …these are remarkable photographs, and your visions always feed my hungry eyes. Thank you my friend.

    Denise C.
    I like the photo of you in the background next to the ‘David original’. xxoo

    Bess B.
    HI Richard. Your pictures are fantastic. Who knew you had such great photography skills! Much better than mine – especially the one of the lady with the golden teeth.

    Barbara S.

    Steve G.
    Beautiful photos. You are so talented. Thank you for always sharing.

    Micki M.
    I like reading your meanderings and viewing your pics.

    Paul G.
    Thank you ever so much for the new pictures and the very many old
    pictures that were also attached to it.
    I liked especially the Ashgabat Turkmenistan bazaar in the new
    pictures and the many New York City scenes in the old pictures, plus
    the photos of yourself with and without others.


  5. STATE OF GRACE NYC is a killer!!! We’ll talk pictures on Sunday, I hope.


  6. Richard great photos and very expressive words …thank you enjoyed it alot.


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