The Bronx: 4 Minutes on the #2 Train

As often as not when I’ve sat down to put together a blog post I’ve had no idea of what to say. Sure, I knew which snaps I’ve wanted to  show you, but what words to accompany them, that never came clear until I read them after having seen them on the screen. What I’m talking about here is trust: me trusting some level of myself that lies deeper than and obviously supersedes any conscious, intellectual aspect of my self (Is this sounding obscure or–dare I say it–pretentious?) to take  control of my fingers-on-the-keyboard while my mind occupied itself elsewhere. Similarly five of the six snaps coming up are also the result of my mind taking a vacation so my fingers, the ones holding the camera, could do their beloved and unfettered thing without succumbing to fallacious direction from that part of my brain that claims to know it all.

That being said, let me say this: On July 24th just past my beloved Bobbie and I, at her suggestion, traveled to City lsland in The Bronx to celebrate her 76th birthday at the Original Crab Shack. The trip, the lunch and the trip home had Inshallah written all over it. (a note here, Inshallah means God’s will. Not that that doesn’t apply equally to everything, but in this particular case it left  Bobbie and me feeling particularly blessed. For the Christians out there, think grace. From the guy who gave Bobbie his seat on the train north to the #BX SBS 12 waiting for us at Pelham Parkway to that  #BX SBS 12 bus driver who stopped his bus to direct us to the BX 29 which was also waiting for us because of the cooperation of slowly boarding passengers and a remarkably timed stop light to the delightful waitress a the Shack to the two buses and a train scheduled to minimize or obviate our waiting time on the trip home–and of course the food could not have been better. For both of us the entire adventure continually echoed of divine gift.

*   *   *

OK, so now that  you’ve put up with the words, here come the snaps. All were made within 4 minutes–except for the stained glass window at the Pelham Parkway stop on the way up–on the train back to 72nd Street. True, some additional time was spent post-processing them in the increasingly wonderful world of Picasa and Snapseed where they were made more to resemble what I saw then what the camera recorded. Ever increasingly the camera is my quick sketch device. Post processing is my canvas and-paint.

As always I’m eager to hear your comments. Just click “comments” or “make a comment” or “leave a comment” at the end of the posting, then follow whatever the fine folks at WordPress have set up for your words to be seen.

Be well.




Bronx Pelham Parkway


Bronx Crotona Park East


Bronx Crotona Park East


Bronx Crotona Park East


Bronx Crotona Park East


Bronx: Westchester Av & Southern Blvd


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  1. From Annie in Florida:

    Only you could find the beauty int he Bronx!! Kudos, my friend!!


    • What a great record of a wonderful experience. You seem to be able to find beauty anywhere. And to be able to share it all with Bobbie as reality and then with the rest of us as pictures. Bless you both.


  2. Lovely post, my friend.


  3. As usual, love the work. Nice subtle post processing paint job. The perspective change/distortion of the traveling subway car is wonderful.

    Seeing (and shooting) without thinking about “photography stuff” is very freeing. I don’t bother shooting anymore (unless asked to) if I’m not in that state of mind.


  4. So that’s the Bronx. Very interesting, as usual, to see your perspective.i always enjoy your pictures!


  5. hi richard,

    when i was a tad-actually my first 16 years-i lived two blocks or so past the simpson street station, and, had you turned the other way, you could have photographed my tenement window just past westchester avenue and southern blvd. had you aimed a little lower i could have seen the old charlotte rousse store where i spent too much time.
    good memories and good pix.

    p.s. i think my old tenement was razed years ago for jimmy carter housing. i’ll check.

    love to you both and happy birthday to one of you



  6. From Mike F: Wonderful, loving post– and good snaps from the train.
    My favorite is Westchester Ave. and Southern Blvd.


  7. From Acelle G.

    Wow, Richard!

    All those photos are amazing. I spent hours going through those 5 Stan ones. Beautiful work!

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Take care,


  8. Happy Birthday Celebration for Bobbie was mellow from the start. Indeed INSHALLAH or Icing on the day. The character of the Bronx ever lasting. Goldberg you captured the real deal..beautiful work. Worth a thousand words.
    “One Love”,


  9. From Marc L.
    What a joy-


  10. From Tobi Z.
    Thanks Richard – the photos from all the Stans and the Sufi Retreat are wonderful. You should publish a book of your work

    Be well


  11. Got it and think it’s great, though I’m not so big on divine intervention… I’m forwarding it to THE OTHER Richard, who lives in The Bronx and will likely also appreciate it!

    See you at the Salon!



  12. From Eric M.
    “sketch device.” that’s a really interesting concept.


  13. I really liked your pics of the Bronx Crotona Park East. Great compositions.


  14. Nice ones!


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