Again, there’s something happening here…

First, my wish to you for a healthy & happy new year.



It matters not whether you actually celebrate the lunar new year. Just know that you’re being wished a wonderful one. If it’s a wish you don’t want, you can always re-gift it. (I learned that from Seinfeld reruns.)

Next up the new snaps.

The last blog entry, done back in July, featured a collection of essentially hyper-real snaps taken all on the same trip to The  Bronx. This time the ostensible reality recorded by the camera in Manhattan, Paris, Arles and aboard the river boat Buri on the river Rhone has been either subtly or significantly re-realized. Here they are:

















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  1. Thank you, Richard. Same to you and yours. I greatly enjoy your art both photographs and writing Edith



  2. Fine images as usual, keep on keeping’ on.


  3. I love your photography and your blog.
    You are blesses!
    Shanah tovah!


  4. Your photographs speak to me in so many ways. Richard, you are a real artist. I’m so fortunate to have traveled with you and Bobbi Through Spain and Portugal some time ago, and now I travel with you through your photos. Every new post brings happiness into my day. Bless you.

    Norm Aulabaugh


  5. Toby J

    So interesting. Wonderful photos! Thanks.


  6. Constance K



  7. …these are absolute ART. Really fantastic! They need to be shared.
    Much love, Annie


  8. Thanks for sharing, Richard. I enjoyed seeing your images. Peace, Ronnie


  9. Thank you so much, Richard for sharing your special view of the world! Your vision impacts the soul.


  10. Love the pictures, as usual.


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