Playing with my new toys!

Originally I was gonna hit ya with some Autumn leafery, solid and pretty pictures sure to get me some compliments. Even my old ego gets off on occasional reinforcement. Then I decided, no, too easy. Maybe some portraits, but that idea went on hold until I got permissions to use the recognizable faces of the friends I’d planned to show.

So, what to show? What was left? What was left–and probably what I wanted to post originally but was concerned with the reception they might get is an assortment of photos heavily reworked in post production. What I’ve posted on Welcome! thus far–201 blogposts counting this one–have far more often than not featured snaps treated with some post production work. Until very recently I’d relied on Picasa, a now-discontinued Google product that did all that I could ask. Well, as I got deeper into photography I learned to ask for more. Through the evil graces of my good buddy out west, Jason he is aptly named, I started using the Snapseed app, then added PS Express and Photoshop Fix. These tools free me to employ the original photo much as an oil painter might use a watercolor sketch, that is as the basis for a final rendition which best reveals what drew him (me) to the real-life content beyond what the camera records. It’s not that the camera lies, rather that it only gets some of the truth.


Secaucus NJ train station


The Ansonia NYC


Outside the Walter Reade Theater


Outside the Walter Reade Theater


Skulls above Astor Place


Outside Fairway


175 W. 76


Hudson River from W. 70’s


RSG’s bedroom window


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  1. Beautiful work! I love looking at your photos!


  2. You’ve captured the texture of my most beautiful dreams. There is peace and incredible comfort in my often stressed mind when I look at these serene moments you have created.


  3. Love ’em. You are an artist.


  4. So gr eat to see through your eyes once more! They’re great! The top picture is Edward Hopper! Nice work.


  5. Flattered and honored, but mostly just love your work! My first thought upon seeing these was, “There’s Goldberg!”. These feel as though you’ve completed a thought that only you could have had.


  6. These are terrific! Thanks



  7. Dorothy Q.
    Thanks for sharing! Although I enjoy all your photos – your “Stans” are wonderful!!


  8. April G-B
    Beautiful photos.


  9. Follow your feelings Richard, the results are tremendous. Autumn leave are nice, these works of photographic art speak to our souls.

    Norm Aulabaugh


  10. Richard,
    Your new photographs are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sending me the link. I enjoy them greatly.
    Best wishes,


  11. Love ‘em Richard. Especially ANSONIA So…Hopperish Sent from my iPhone



  12. joan k
    Beautiful, Richard.


  13. george.g

    …I enjoyed looking at them.
    You have a talent of catching the right moment…..thank you


  14. …especially loved your photos which looked like oil paintings at the early part of the blog. You obviously ‘have a great talent for photography and I hope you are appreciated enough for it!! It seems to me that you could have your own exhibits…maybe you already do.

    All the best, Judy


  15. Tobi Z

    Beautiful Richard – these are painting/photographs !!!


  16. marge k

    You’re really talented, Rich.


  17. Letitia M

    This is very exciting! Your work is stunning!!
    Thank you always for sharing ~


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