Cousin Ben and a Dozen New City Snaps

Like no other human being I’ve ever met, Cousin Ben Beaton combines the solid with the impish. After years of living in Taipei he now lives in Tel Aviv. Language learning presents no problem to Ben, nor does mastering the intricacies of a culture–all with a twinkle in the eye revealing the everpresent sense of humor that makes him so dear to me. Recently we met at my favorite lunch joint here in NYC. Regardless of how he might have looked to the rest of the world, here’s the Ben I saw:

Ben Beaton…and, yes, his mother loves this snap!

Now for some recent photos made with the iPhone 6, its post-production app, Snapseed and, finally, Picasa on the laptop.

Church of the Latter Day Saints NYC–rain


Croatian Church 41st off 9th Av NYC


Hudson Yards


Amsterdam Avenue Brunch


Ghost of Christmas Future–building a Christmas tree stand


Central Park South thru the rain-covered bus window


St. Patrick’s in the rain thru the same bus window


Central Park


Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree yet again thru the same rain-covered bus window


Museum of Jewish Heritage reflections


NYC imagine…


Battery Park City


And a joyous Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali and, of course, New Year 2019!


Istravshan Tajikistan






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  1. Stan F.

    That was a mighty endeavor.


    Turns out that my favorite photo was the Ramble…whoda thunk.

    So keep on trucking, you do great work.


  2. Esther R.

    Nice! I see what you mean about the photos. Keep up the good work.


  3. From Jack’s mom:

    …still love that portrait of Ben! Also liked your city pictures, particularly the ones that showed contrast, either because of spots of color, or diverse content. That one of the church in the midst of skyscrapers had both because of the green color outlining the roof etc.
    Love, Emily


  4. Bruce K.

    The cousin ben photo is very good. If i was writing an article about him i would want that photo to accompany the text.

    The ladder & shadow photo had a solid composition. Feels like a “complete” photo, whatever i mean by that.

    The photo of the person with 2 bags of cans with the WTC in the background made me laugh for some reason. (Later i thought the bags look phallic, like ball sacks, but i dont think that’s what made me life. Perhaps it’s the presence of both high (wtc) and low (can collector).

    Just a few quick comments while at work…

    …Interesting how the little bit of blue brings the viewer right to the person who is the subject of the photo. Not much color elsewhere in photo, except weaker red tail lights that offer counterbalance, counter point to the blue.


  5. As usual,I love looking at your new pictures.


  6. Outstanding rendition of cousin Ben Beaton.

    Norm Aulabaugh


  7. Wesley W.
    Very cool “photographs”, I don’t know what a ‘snap’ is…


  8. Barbara S.

    Thanks for sharing! WOW


  9. Carolmaria R.
    Terrific photos! Thanks for sharing. Warmest wishes for the holidays and New Year too (“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never have been.”).


  10. Micki M.

    Always enjoy seeing your offerings and reading your thoughts, thanks for keeping us in the loopy group !


  11. I love your artistry! Very creative and fascinating pics U’ve posted here. Thanks for sharing.



  12. George G.

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. Awesome pictures, Dick. Thanks for sharing. Connie


  14. marge k.

    Your photos are so joyous. Thank you.


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