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Yes, I have been blessed to have traveled a good bit. Yes, I’ve photographed some wonderful people and sights and even moments in Asia, North Africa and Western Europe. Yet, for all that I’ve seen, the folks met, the monuments both natural and human built, the art and architecture and all those inducements to say “Wow!”, New York City remains my #1. New York City is my ultimate provocateur, the stimulus more than any other to my appreciation and delight and participation in living. Below is the most recent testimony to this love affair with Gotham. With the exception of Grandson Benny photographed in Connecticut this Christmas morning all the other snaps are of just the plain old stuff available for viewing in everyday Manhattan. The first three were made within minutes and feet of each other. In each case I’ve used post-processing apps to bring to the image that which drew me to make the photo in the first place. The delicacy and strength of an urban tree in the Lower East Side, the collage of reality and reflection found in a pizzeria window, the mind-created drama behind a wine bottle repurposed for water. Shapes, colors, relationships, movement within stillness: for me–somehow–all expressions of love.


2nd Av. & Houston Street


2nd Av. & Houston: street art artists


Mystery pipes at 2nd Av. F subway stop transposed by a screenshot




Freddie & Peppers pizzeria with reflections


Amsterdam Avenue construction site


Scaffolding behind the Beacon Theater


#3 train


Brookfield Place after a rain


Alien space ships from New Jersey invade West Harlem


W. 72nd between Broadway & West End Avenue


Metropolitan Museum of Art


Thai restaurant water bottle



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  1. I was going to pick out my favorite, but I realize I couldn’t.


  2. Brookfield Place after a rain: numinous


  3. What a wonderful gift to share with us.
    Thank you 🤗❤️🌟✡️🎄


  4. Richard, I share your love affair with New York, and was thrilled with your photos, especially the whimsical ‘space ships’ in Harlem! 🙂


  5. Some great pix, you just get better all the time; ought to have an
    exhibition somewhere big and classy, advertised in the New Yorker. and
    I STILL cannot find the comment place at the end of the post, neither
    right nor left clicking, so sorry this response is here and not
    there. Make it easier to find and I’m happy to oblige! Fabulous
    upcoming year to you and Bobbie!

    love and abrazos,



  6. Judith R
    My favs are: Scaffolding, Mystery Pipes and W 72nd St.


  7. From Mike F:

    Love all these photos and the love that goes into them,


  8. I love these!


  9. Love them all. Happy New Year to you & Bobbie.


  10. Love what you are doing with your new processing apps. Happy New Year to you and Bobbi.
    Big hugs, Leslie


  11. Hello Richard ~
    Your photography is always a gift! Thank you!!
    I wish you and your family a very wonderful new year!


  12. Dick your love affair with “The Gotham City” more than 60-years-ago. I Am honored that you’ve shared the journey in pros and film with me. Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2019 to you and Bobbie. L’Chaim. Lew & April..


  13. Tobi Z
    Beautiful images !!!

    Happy and Healthy New Year!!!


  14. Ruth T:

    Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed looking at your lovely photos


  15. Peter W:
    I go for Brookfield Place, with W. 72nd St. next


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