Found Around


Found Around is my newest collection of photographs. It’s one more testimony to my love of New York City and the technology which enables me to convert what the camera records to what it is l see when walking our streets. Ultimately it’s a celebration of being here. Please visit the Blurb website where it may be seen in it’s entirety.

Here’s the link:

Of course I’d appreciateĀ  your sharing this with those who might find it interesting.



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  1. Breathtaking!

    Deep yet daring. Subliminal, yet super and supra real.
    So much more, so very more.

    Best, yes best, wishes,



  2. Mykel B.

    Just great! And we need to talk about COLOR… I mean there’s the fashionable WINDOWS 10 color, and then there’s your color… especially in the Central Park photos. I’m not sure how to do either, but the color is great– photos too.


  3. As usual, I love your pictures. It must be nice to be so very creative!


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