Things are looking down!

“Waddaya take pictures of,” she asks me.

“I dunno. Whatever.”

I used to hate that word, “whatever.” It seemed like a cop-out. (Do people still say cop-out? If you’re under a certain age is it a mystery? If you’re over another age is it an increasingly faded memory? Maybe from the time cop was a deprecating noun rather than an edgy  verb.)

Back to whatever: the older I get, the more it applies, but in a wonderfully perverse way. Let’s face it, I live in the most phenomenal city on the planet. I live two blocks from each of two fantastic parks. It’s a mile and a half walk to (big drum roll here) Times Square! When everything is extraordinary, it all becomes oddly equal. The perverse part is that this even applies to the parts that don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being equal to anything. That’s why what I’m gonna show you now is about looking D O W N. The street, the sidewalk, whoever might be sitting in front of me when I’m standing on the train and not wishing I had a seat–which, BTW, doesn’t happen very often. Everywhere I look at this point in my life there’s something to see worth seeing.

And I know I can’t be alone in this.

What about you? What do you see? Keep in mind I’m not talking about the shit that makes you feel angry or sad or superior. Anybody can carry on about that crap. I want to know what delights you, what makes you smile when you hadn’t planned on smiling.

Here’s what works for me:


#2 train: getting off, staying on


Subway: something to stand back from


175 W. 76: just what it says


NYC, imagine, they told my grandparents, the streets are paved with gold.


Cafe Figaro: all that’s left of a great venue


E. 4th Street: at rush hour sometimes the shadows move faster than the traffic


Subway: meditation without music


Fuller Building lobby


My block! I live here!


Russian Tea Room






And finally, looking down on he who looks down.
















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  1. Wesley W:
    Good stuff Goldie…


  2. From Bruce: Best shot: subway meditation


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