Some Spanish Harlem with Dave

So I say to my good buddy Dave (who most people call David), I say, “Dave, howzabout you and me, we go to El Museo del Barrio?” Dave, he’s the one on the left, Dave says, “I wanna walk around Spanish Harlem.” I say, “OK.” He says, “OK.”

Long story shortened, I show up early and wait across the street from El Museo in the Conservatory Garden, Central Park. While I wait, I snap this:


Dave shows. We check out the museum then hit the streets: Lexington thru First Avenues, 104th thru 118th Streets. Here’s what I snapped:


In a schoolyard around Park Avenue and 105th

Lex around 109

Lex and 104th not so much the way it looks much as the way it was meant to be seen.

Madison Avenue around 105th

Park Avenue and 106th

Park and 106th under the Metro North tracks

2nd Avenue and 102 where black & white still rates


┬áSo here’s my question to you: What are the hot streets in your part of the world? I’m always open to suggestions for where to take my camera for a walk. Use the “Comments” option below to give me some direction.

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