Canal Street: Night

During the day Canal Street just might be the most populous and energetic street in Manhattan, rivaling or even surpassing Times Square with it’s rush of locals, souvenir sellers, hustlers and knock-off hunting teens and tourists  from all over this world.

Intertwined odors of old and fresh fast food
   of dumplings and garlic
Old women chat
   pick through fresh fish and produce
     common in China
Men from Canton and Taiwan
   from Sierra Leone and Pakistan and Peru
   from Brooklyn and The Bronx
   spread their goods on folding tables or simply
     on blankets on the sidewalk
Younger women–not young
   wave laminated pictures of handbags
   and watches (“Gucci! Gucci! Rolex! Gucci!
   and perfumes (“Dior, new Dior! White shoulders!
They speak in urgent hushed tones
   point to unmarked doors
   make you feel special.
At night it’s different: dark, quiet, all but abandoned
   like rain threatens or has just passed
           Canal Street is yours
           Last Tuesday it was mine.


Here are some souvenirs from that Tuesday night.

Canal Street at Lafayette


Canal Street


Canal Street at Baxter thru a bakery window


Canal Street


Canal Street stairway to Heaven

Canal Street

Canal Street


Canal Street


Liusal fashion pop-up Canal Street


Canal Street

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  1. Duncan C

    Great photography, Goldie!


  2. This is my most Fav. Keep on snapping my friend I love them. Cheers

    Vuong N


  3. You are one adventurous human being, everything you capture through your lens is fascinating. Thank you for sharing. See you soon. George


  4. You are one adventurous human being, everything you capture through your lens is fascinating. Thank you for sharing. See you soon. George


  5. Micki M
    Always enjoy your photos. How often do you go out to “snap”? How many miles do you log in a regular snap day ?


    • Now that I’m using a smartphone I’m never without a camera. Most of my photos are made as part of my simply going about the day. When I shot in Spanish Harlem, my buddy Dave and I walked around for about 2 hours. The Canal Street collection resulted from a 20 minute walk of no more than 10 blocks.


  6. Steven

    So beautiful !


  7. I can look at your pictures, over and over, and never get tired of them. The color, the lighting and the feeling each expresses is outstanding.

    Norm Aulabaugh


  8. Constance K:

    I just don’t know how o break this to you, other than just laying it right out there. Please continue with the pictures. They are awesome!!


  9. Oleg:

    Great images!
    I always enjoy your photos but sometimes I am just lost in words to express it.
    I also find your descriptions concise, witty and revealing.
    Looking forward for more,


  10. Keep on doing it!


  11. Don’t you ever stop. Ever.



  12. From Trudy:

    Hi Rich,

    Finally got around to looking at these photos. Absolutely awesome. Are you going to have an exhibit?


  13. Rich,

    Here are some of the comments I [Trudy] received [from members of The Weekday Cyclists] about your photos.:

    Chuck K.

    Enjoyed the text and photos. What an interesting guy!
    Tama L.

    His pictures are beautiful. Very artistic.

    These photos are awesome all right
    Susan T.


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