The Second Batch of Haigas

Four years ago I posted my first collection of haiga, introducing it with this definition from

Haiga is a Japanese concept for simple pictures combined with poetry, usually meaning haiku…It can be watercolor paintings, photographs or collages with a poem of any genre that is integrated into the composition. Sometimes the poem is handwritten or it can be computer generated, depending on the artist’s taste.

Haiga is a combination of visual image and poetry, each to enrich the other and lead the readers/viewers beyond what is presented toward what their own life experience suggests. The goal here, overwhelmingly, is to make  those readers/viewers co-creators in a fusion of photo, poem and mind in what is ultimately theirs alone. Knowing that you have a responsibility to complete the creations I’ve begun, I offer my newest haiga.

The images were made while I was quarantined with family in an area of Ulster County New York called Lost Quarry.

Living on a dirt road surrounded by trees, only one other house visible and then only when trees were winter/early spring bare.

Concerns generated by this extraordinary time and place combined with whatever else of my own 78 years might show itself for my part in our co-creation. The rest is up to you.










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