I don’t know…


Thru the good graces of iTunes my phone and computer have developed a relationship which no longer includes me. When I turn them on, connect them and request certain CD’s be transferred from my library to the phone they just laugh and transfer whatever the hell they want to transfer. Whole albums, partial albums, single tunes-whatever-just not what I might have wanted to hear. Small stuff, I suppose.  After all I’m still getting tunes to bud into my ears while I bike a lap around a Central Park pretty much devoid of tourists and instead filled with unemployed homies. I am escaping the overwhelm of

  • those “good people on both sides” who consistently and vehemently insist on their right to endanger the health and lives of others by not wearing face masks
  • the racism–institutional and cultural and personal–that is vibrantly alive and all too often a matter of life and death
  • Covid-19.

The above is me letting off some anger–my cover-up for fear and sadness and frustration–before showing you some new snaps. The pandemic has led me to places I’d pretty much avoided in the past, in this case the stairwells leading from my 8th floor apartment to our building’s lobby. Rather than take the elevator I’ve been walking those hundred-something steps up and down each morning to fetch the Daily News and the previous day’s collection of catalogs and money requests that fill the mailbox. Of course I carry the camera with me. Here are a few of my current favs.













This last image, with it’s writing, was posted on Facebook in June. It is a message of hope.


Be well. Stay safe. Register and vote. Encourage others to do the same.

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