Kitchen door

The truth of it is I’ve been out of the apartment just about every day since the COVID-19 quarantine began. Not in a reckless, defiant, “I’ll show the bastids who’s the boss of me” way, but out nonetheless. Along with my walks and bike rides, there’s also been significant time spent at home, and yes, often with camera in hand. Look afresh, look with new eyes we teach in our meditation class. See the familiar for the first time. The photos below are the result of just that attitude.




Kitchen sunlight


Living room in late daylight


Chair and floor




Knitting needle, the very one I dropped into our elevator shaft, recovered a month later by building staff with a fine eye and memory.


Cazadores, carrying with it memories of beloveds


Buddhists on the radiator


More late day sunight


My living room

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  1. From West-Foyle in Ecuador:

    Hey, Goldberg!

    Comforting to see I’m not the only person with a stuffed bear at the
    head of my bed. Mine’s brown rather than panda, but, still. Glad
    you’re still hanging in there, and Bobby too: )
    Strange days, to be sure.

    Here’s how they struck me early on:
    PANDEMIC, The Song (mjf – April 2020)
    1. Born into a world our kind has broken,

    trying to find some way to understand,

    Wishing that I had a good luck token

    that would turn back the time, put reason in the rhyme

    and turn the whole damn thing around…

    I know that in the scheme of things, there isn’t much that I can do

    ‘Keep my distance, send out prayers, believe that we will make it through…

    And it’s driving me wild, I want to touch you.

    Driving me wild, you mean so much to me. Wild wild wild wild wild

    v2. I have lain awake at night and wondered

    when all this uncertainty will pass

    ‘World’s boxed up and families torn asunder

    social inequality, stripped down now for all to see

    and the world keeps spinning around… CHORUS

    v3. Now we have the time to reconsider, reconfigure how we live our lives.

    Nourishing our most vital connections,

    prompted by adversity, the whole of humanity

    must wake up to a brand new dawn… CHORUS

    Stay fit and feisty. Your photos are splendid, goldberg. They always were.




  2. From Cousin Leslie L.
    The light is gives a nice warmth and coziness to your apartment. A respite from the masked frenzy outside.


  3. Thanks, Richard!

    Stay safe,


  4. A charming peek at your quarantine digs — love Shadow amongst the bed pillows! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Laura from Ederle days of old


  5. Love your new eyes taking a look at special details


  6. What a great idea. So beautiful, and unexpected.


  7. Joanna B:

    Thanks, Richard! Stay safe and well. See you Wednesday.


  8. Annie A:
    Always just special! Always, you. Hugs!


  9. Dear Richard ~
    You have continued to bring light and insight to these challenging times.
    Thank you always,


  10. Hi, Richard,

    Got the latest photos you sent under the heading, “Quarantine”.
    I think, no matter what you’re taking a photo of, the quality of focused contemplation always comes through—as if the objects (s) had a life of their own.

    One photo, of a white cup with some pens in it, on top of a multi-colored piece of cloth, has the quality of a Vermeer.



  11. From Elaine T:
    thanx for including me in your mailing.


  12. Richard, always enjoy your blogs. They are inspiration and a joy to go through it. Thank you, be safe..George


  13. From Norman A


    Loved your latest post – Quarantine was a delight. The “snaps” did capture what we can see when we look with new eyes. As does meditation. Your snaps also gave us a look into your apartment and the treasurers you have – probably collected from your travels.


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